With summer nearly here, it can’t be helped if all you can think about are days spent boating around or basking seaside in the sunshine. But until beach season comes along, the next best thing is to dream about ways to commemorate your favorite summer pastime. These ocean-inspired tats below are *almost* as good as tasting that salty air and feeling the fresh ocean breeze on your skin. To inspire your first (or next!) ink, scroll through all 14 dreamy ocean-inspired tattoos that your inner Ariel would totally approve of.

1. Rainbow Seahorse: When it comes to statement-worthy tattoos, multi-colored hues will do the trick. Take this brightly colored seahorse as an example. Now you can turn your favorite sea creature into a whimsical piece of art using a rainbow color palette.

2. Splashes of Color: If you aren’t afraid to go a little crazy with color, this beautiful matching set of watercolor waves are the way to go. Display them on both arms for a complementary set of tats or get matching ones with another water-lovin’ soul, like your BFF or S.O.

3. Mermaid: Are you fascinated by everything that makes the ocean mysterious and wonderful? Say so with a whimsical, sea-inspired tattoo like this stunning mermaid.

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4. Detailed Seashell: As pretty as playing with colors can be, you don’t necessarily need color to make an impressive tattoo. Stick to an all-black ink job if you prefer that the details speak for themselves. Just check out the line work and dot work on this intricately done seashell.

5. Minimalist Wave: Whether it’s because you love the ocean or just moved to a new place (like this girl did), there are plenty of reasons for why you should get a wave tattoo. As for the style, there’s no going wrong with a sleek and minimalist design like this one.

6. Blue Tidal Wave: Coast the waves with this stylized take on the wave tattoo. Tiny ankle tat FTW!

7. Bermuda Triangle: Go geometric with a triangle-shaped outline of the deep blue. You’re sure to stand out with a vibrant and striking piece of geometric artwork on your skin.

8. Diamond Sunrise: Take your love for the ocean to a whole new level with this spin on the geometric trend. You’ll want to make sure the artist you choose is well-versed with intricate line work before taking on a look like this one though!

9. Shark Tooth: A symbol of strength or courage — whatever it may be — this shark tooth tattoo also does well to show off your badassery. It also helps that this one’s easy enough to hide beneath a ring if HR is an issue.

10. Lightbulb: For some people, the ocean serves as a source of inspiration. If you’re one of those people, you’ll love this unique symbol that we’ll leave up to your creative interpretation.

11. Sardine: Though this particular sardine tattoo was inspired by a popular French expression about a tall tale, you can choose your own backstory for when you get your very own fishy design. Plus, you can’t help but admire those pretty scalloped scales!

12. Ship With Anchor: Channel your love for adventure with a fitting ship tattoo. An anchor also makes a nice touch if you consider yourself well-grounded.

13. Structured Fish: It’s up to you however you want to interpret these visually structured fish swimming freely. But their delicate outline is undeniably a minimalist’s dream design.

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14. Fiery Mermaid: Here’s a second dreamy take on the mermaid tattoo. With colors that refuse to stay inside the lines, this fiery watercolor rendition of the mythical sea creature will definitely turn heads.

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