For an intuitive soul like Pisces, tattoos are a wealth of meaning and depth. If you’re one of these water-sign babies getting ready to celebrate another year, give yourself the gift of a meaningful tattoo inspired by your star sign. Choose from a subtle behind-the-ear tat or a pretty thigh tattoo. Whether you identify with the ocean’s resilience or the Pisces fishes’ dualistic nature, here are 20 tattoos any water-lovin’ Piscean will love.


1. Geometric Fish: Though Pisces are known to avoid structure because of its restriction, you can express your unique perspective through a geometric rendition of your sign. The contrast between geometric lines and the fluidity of fish swimming plays up the water sign’s dualism. Yeah, it got deep real quick. (via @lelefdsk)


2. Watercolor Waves and Sailboat: Cast off your worries and set sail for the adventure that awaits each day with this whimsical tattoo. Pisces will love the contrast between the black and white and watercolor blues in this piece. (via @rodrigotas)


3. Colorful Fish: Celebrate the polarity of your sign by opting for this colorful portrayal of yin and yang. (via @shonacamilleri)


4. Mermaid Scales: Channel your inner Ariel with this delicate, playful take on the oceanic theme. These scaled seem almost iridescent due to the blue ombre effect here. (via @monicatattooer)


5. Rainbow Fish: Does one side of your Pisces nature clearly dominate the other? Maybe your creative, emotional side outweighs your more grounded one. Tell the world with this colorful tattoo of one fish entrapping another. (via @wondercuban)


6. Que Sera Sera: “Que sera, sera” translates to “whatever will be, will be.” If you identify with the Pisces trait of adaptability, go for this meaningful star sign and quote combo. (via @tattooist_ida)


7. Constellation: Delicate does it, as this pretty minimalist tattoo of a Pisces constellation shows. (via @playground_tat2)


8. Ocean Strength: Nothing is too big a match for you. Share your oceanic trait of resilience in the face of hardship with this symbolic tattoo. (via @lucidlines)


9. Star Sign: Fish tattoo a bit too literal for you? Go symbolic and ink yourself with the Pisces star sign. (via @christiee92)


10. Siamese Fish: These twin fishes swimming in opposite directions symbolize Pisceans’ ability to adjust to changing circumstances, just like a fish changes direction with the current. If you’re one adaptable fish, this sea blue tat of two might do it for you. (via @ironbuddhatattoo)


11. Seahorse: Your love for the ocean includes all its critters. Don this cute lil’ guy on your side for a tat you can easily cover up for work but show off at the beach. (via @staych1c)


12. Heartbeat and Waves: If you were born into this water sign, you may have felt it: The moment when the rhythmic crash of the waves syncs with your heartbeat. A transcendent experience of being one with nature is definitely tattoo-worthy. (via @andrealamli)


13. Whale: The mystery behind the meaning of humpback whale’s magical songs is ongoing. If you too are shrouded in mystery, as sometimes Pisces can be, embrace it with this bold tattoo. (via @ilwolhongdam)

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14. Geometric Snail Shell: Is the beach your favorite place? Rep your love for the shore with this unique geometric snail shell tat. (via @okanuckun)


15. Seahorse: Show off your appreciation for all the ocean’s critters whenever you bare some leg with this tiny seahorse tattoo. (via @ilwolhongdam)


16. Seashell: If collecting seashells by the seashore during your childhood is one of your fondest memories, share the sweet sentiment with others in the form of this delicate seashell tattoo. (via @olluquito_)

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