Some home decor trends come and go, while others, like all things watercolor, stick around regardless of season. The colorful, artistic print adds an airy, graceful element to anything it touches — it’s a perfect accent in a boho or preppy home. But the latest take on watercolor home decor is getting an ultra modern twist. Introducing oil slick decor, a color combo that melds vibrant purple, blue and green hues to create a gorgeous, iridescent look — like if watercolor and opal-inspired decor decor had a very goth baby. Scroll through to see nine slick picks that will help you add the futuristic, minimalist decor trend into your home. Pair the pieces with some metallics and lighter hues like pastels for spring, or stick to a more neutral palette to round out your minimalist decor. Either way, you’ll have a super on-trend and shimmery abode.


1. Caroline Krzykowiak Iridesence Art Print ($19 – $399): Got a wall that’s looking a little bare? Dress it up with an eye-catching iridescent art print. This dreamy landscape of unexpected colors will do the trick.


2. Kevin O’Brien Ombre Velvet Pillow ($251): Brilliant purples, blues and greens come together in this pillow to create a truly striking and *mesmerizing* display of colors. Go bold by pairing an oil slick pillow with another eye-catching item, like a DIY mermaid pillow.


3. Meike Harde Water Nesting Tables ($1,695): This side table’s unique gradient of colors makes it a no-brainer PIC to your neutral-colored couch. This as an investment statement piece that’s super versatile (it can fit in just about any nook) and space saving (hello, nesting tables!).


4. Tom Dixon Oil Candle Medium ($90): Complete with a melted edge and light-refracting dark blue wash, this holographic candle will spruce up your wood coffee table. Plus, it adds a pleasant woodsy scent to your home when you light it.


5. Science Photo Library Chiastolite Section Wall Clock ($25): Brighten up your home office with this oil slick clock. Its array of bright colors brings to mind the iridescent sheen of butterfly wings.


6. Zebra Art Print ($5): This digital print is just begging to be added to your gallery wall. Hang it next to a mirror in your framed matrix to bring out its holographic finish even more.


7. Mepra Linea Rainbow Five Piece Place Setting ($180): This modern take on flatware puts all other place settings to shame. With its iridescent finish and gold accents, it will make every meal just as special as the last.


8. Tom Dixon Oil Vase ($300): If you couldn’t get enough of the oil candle, here’s another Tom Dixon piece that’ll have you mesmerized. Its melted edge and iridescent sheen will make any bouquet 10 times more interesting.


9. Shannon Clark Peacock Feather Pillow ($37): This is a pillow that deserves to be flaunted. Borrowing from the vibrant coloring of a peacock, this feather-print pillow would look great nestled next to a chunky knit throw on your reading chair.

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