If your birthday falls anywhere between January 21 – February 19, you’re lucky enough to call yourself an Aquarius. For those who aren’t familiar with the horoscope, the zodiac is best characterized as its air sign suggests — a free spirit. Not one to follow trends but rather a trend setter, the Aquarian follows suit in their interior design style. A typical Aquarian home is a fusion of modern and minimalist decor that includes items that make a strong, singular statement — including an affinity for shades of blue and metallics. To celebrate this zodiac’s birth months, here are 18 DIY zodiac decor hacks for the Aquarian home.

beauty dock

1. Beauty Dock: Sometimes less is more. Such is the case with this simplistic yet elegant DIY beauty dock. The best part? It’s customizable. Lengthen the dock and add as many holes as you want according to however many products you want to include. (via Merrythought)

brass hanger

2. Brass Himmeli Hanger: Upgrade your jewelry dish by fastening it inside a himmeli hanger and hang it from the freaking ceiling! It’s all about innovation with Aquarians. Challenge tradition and upset expectations with this cool DIY. (via I Spy DIY)


3. Wall Clock: It’s all about singular items that make quite the statement for this zodiac. Nothing says minimal quite as well as this wall clock does. (via The Lovely Drawer)

copper airplant holders

4. Copper Air Plant Holders: Your plants wouldn’t mind some decor love either. Go copper with this innovative air plant holder DIY. Its metallic sheen gives your room an element of added dimension that will really up your modern decor game. (via The Merrythought)

copper bud vase

5. Copper Bud Vase: If you’d rather stick to showcasing one plant, go copper again with this DIY bud vase. (via Annabode + Co.)

entry organization

6. Wooden Crate Shoe Organizer: It’s a well-known fact that the Aquarius doesn’t like clutter. Keep your shoes in order while maximizing space with this creative and resourceful option. If you have wooden crates to spare, paint them white or leave them bare to complete your home’s airy aesthetic. Then stack ’em up for an organization hack befitting a free spirit. (via The Merrythought)

floating nightstand

7. Floating Nightstand: If you don’t want to deal with the clutter and lack of space that a typical four-legged nightstand entails, opt for this floating one. Customize the length and width to suit your preferences and there you have it! A space-conscious floating nightstand that holds everything you need. (via The Merrythought)

gorgeous copper holder

8. Copper Pipe Plant Hanger: If you don’t want to crowd your walls with planters, try out this hanging DIY. Its use of metallic copper adds an intriguing element to the room, while its hanging design saves you wall and table space. (via Brit + Co)

hanging copper rack

9. Hanging Copper Hat Rack: Skip the bulky and leggy hat rack and display your hats and favorite outfit staples with this useful hanging rack that saves you both closet and floor space. (via A Pair and a Square)

hanging half frame

10. Hanging Half Frame: Black and white artwork fits seamlessly into Aquarian interior design because of its subtle tones and striking contrast. Just consider this your go-to color scheme from here on out. (via Design Sponge)

iron mesh board

11. Steel Mesh Board: Declutter your desk with this organization hack. You can make steel mesh into a real life pin board filled with your favorite inspirational pieces. (via Homesick)

macrame wall hanging

12. Macrame Wall Hanging: If you can tie a knot, you can make this gorgeous macrame. Choose from rope or jersey to replicate this boho wall art staple. (via Brit + Co)

marble hexagon coasters

13. Marble Hexagonal Coasters: Before you can say you’re tired of another coaster DIY, take another look at this gorgeous marbled hexagonal design. Use black and white clay to achieve this effortlessly chic tabletop necessity. (via Homey Oh My!)

mini granite pots

14. Mini Granite Pots: If your potted plants need an aesthetic upgrade, swap ’em out for these DIY mini granite pots. But don’t be fooled — they’re not actually made of granite. That’s where the DIY comes in! Replicate this refined pottery look using some PVC pipe sockets, spray paint and painter’s tape. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

modern candle votives

15. Modern Candle Votives: If you’re on a budget, no problem. These modern candle votives aren’t just easy to make, but they’re super cheap as well (estimated $0.20 for each votive). (via Paper & Stitch)

moon phase

16. Marble Moon Phase Wall Hanging: How can something so simplistic make a statement? Like this. Create this easy wall hanging for any room in about 20 minutes. All you’ll need is black and white polymer clay and some cookie cutters. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

photo wall hanging

17. Photo Wall Hanging: Share your favorite photos with family and friends with this DIY photo wall hanging. Pro tip: Use a similar filter, like black and white, for all your photos to create a cohesive aesthetic. (via Homey Oh My!)

wood diy clock

18. Modern Wall Clock: Here’s another modern wall clock that your home can do *with*. Aquarians will love the white patterned face and gold hands. (via Brit + Co.)

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