Fall is officially here, people. You know what that means? It’s time to put away those pastels and florals and replace ’em with a more bold and shimmery trend. In honor of October’s birthstone, Opal, we’re bringing you our favorite iridescent and holographic decor ideas. From futuristic furniture to minimalist candles and lights, these glimmer-y beauties are just what you need to up your decor style game.

1. Candles: Let that iridescent light shine with these minimalist candle holders. They would look great on a dining table, mantel or bookshelf. (via OODE)

2. Holographic Throw Pillow ($35): We wouldn’t mind resting our heads on this shimmery, galaxy-like pillow.

3. Lamp ($275): Is it just us, or is this lamp reminiscent of a spaceship? Hang it above your dining table for a futuristic vibe.

4. Wall Shelves: Ditch those IKEA shelves for this more modern, multicolored option. These ones from Glas Italia are all kinds of awesome. (via @glasitalia)

5. Nebula Lamp ($1000): While this incredible lamp is worth quite the pretty penny, we’re pretty sure you could DIY one with a trip to your local hardware store.

6. Modern Art: Who knew cellophane in a lucite box could create art this amazing? Make a few of your own in different sizes and mount them to your gallery wall for an instant upgrade. (via Anselm Reyle)

7. Reality Piggy Bank ($200): Here, piggy, piggy. Snag this shimmery little guy for an adult version of your childhood fave.

8. Wallpaper: The holographic trend is alive and well in fashion, but now it’s breaking its way into the home decor world. Case in point? This incredible iridescent wallpaper. (via Sarah Moffat)

9. Soap Dish: A dish this cool should be placed in every room of the house. Use it for soap, jewelry, office supplies, whatever. (via Chris 1/Etsy)

10. 3D Art: If Lisa Frank got into modern art, this is what it would look like. 3D art FTW! (via Jen Stark)

11. Tables: It doesn’t get much more futuristic-chic than this side table. We’ll take three, please. (via Glas Italia)

Do you have any opal hues in your home? Looking to add any of these to your space? Let us know in the comments below.