In case you鈥檝e been living under a proverbial rock for the past few months, we鈥檙e here to tell you that perms are back, and in a big way. Everyone from Emma Stone and her bestie, Rachel Goodwin, to Jaimie King have been undergoing the treatment (albeit a new, less damaging version of it called the mare Wave), and now, we鈥檝e got another star to add to the list: one Miss Olivia Munn.

As the actress revealed on her Instagram stories, her locks were in need of a little body, so she headed to Mare Salon (the same spot as Stone and King) in LA to make the big tress transformation. 鈥淢y hair is so thick and heavy that I have a hard time getting body into it,鈥 she said. Sooo I鈥檓 putting in my first permanent wave by @bykileyfitz. Wish me luck!鈥

The move was a big deal for Munn, who only just dyed her hair for the first time ever last year. As we previously reported, however, unlike your mom鈥檚 鈥80s perm, which was likely achieved with damaging heat, this new version uses soft foam curl rollers and a gentle perm solution to achieve a more customized wave.

The Ocean鈥檚 8 star shared the two-hour process with fans as stylist Kiley Fitzgerald worked her magic, tighty winding Munn鈥檚 hair into the foam rollers.

She also gave us a video update on her look over the weekend via Instagram stories, and so far, so good: 鈥淥kay, I haven鈥檛 washed my perm out yet because I鈥檝e been busy, but I鈥檓 super excited because now that I鈥檝e got a perm I have alll these cool fuzzy baby hairs that before were just super straight,鈥 she relayed.

Sounds like it was definitely worth the efforts!

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(Photos via Dia Dipasupil/Getty + @oliviamunn)