Whether it’s for a role or simply a new look, hair color in Hollywood changes as often as the seasons. Just this weekend, in fact, the forever-blonde Paris Hilton seriously altered her look by showing off some bangin’ (literally) brunette tresses.

There’s one famous lass who’s apparently managed to avoid it for all 36 of her years, however: Olivia Munn. Since she burst onto the scene with Beyond the Break back in 2006, she’s stayed true to her chestnut locks, never straying from her “look.”

Now, the newly single actress has taken to Instagram to show off what she says was her very first dye job — ever — in the form of a few eye-catching caramel-colored highlights.

“Popped my hair cherry today!” the Office Christmas Party star wrote. Thanking the stylist responsible, she added, ‘THANKS, @ckadingcolor for the new hair highlights! #virginhairnomore.”

While the move wasn’t as drastic as, say, Katy Perry‘s transformation from raven black to platinum blonde, it was a big deal for Munn, who has previously told MSN that she hasn’t taken the plunge before because she’s been indecisive. “I don’t dye it because I don’t know what color I would choose,” she said. “Unless I used a bright hue in a few sections, which I’m thinking of doing.”

Clearly, it was a move that paid off for her — it looks great, GF!

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(Photos via Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty)