In case you missed the memo, perms are back: One need look no further than Emma Stone and her BFF, makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, who just got matching ringlets  for proof. Now, another celeb has taken note, with Escape Plan 2: Hades actress Jaime King jumping on the curly-haired bandwagon.

The 38-year-old headed to the very same salon, Mare in West Hollywood, that Stone and Goodwin did, digging into a hamburger as stylist Kiley Fitzgerald gave the actress her “first perm since the 3rd grade!”

Documenting the entire process in a time-lapse video on Instagram, the fashionista gave fans a glimpse into what exactly it takes to get semi-permanent beach-ready locks (hint: a couple of hours spent looking like Medusa!) with a treatment that was initially embraced by the Striiike salon in Beverly Hills last year.

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First perm since the 3rd grade! 💋

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Dubbed the New Wave treatment ($450), the process promises to deliver beach-y waves for three to five months (depending on your natural hair’s texture), without using ANY heat.

As hairstylist Briana Dunning (pictured working her magic below) explained to Ouai magazine in November, the “only chemical invvoled is “the super gentle waving lotion which has about the same effect as using color on your hair.”

Unlike traditional perms, which rely on either an initial relaxing treatment followed by a round of heated curling rods or an alkaline compound that’s coated on the hair before tightly winding locks into ringlets with rollers, New Wave uses “soft curl foam rollers to create a customized wave for each client,” as Dunning explained to the outlet.

The process takes about two hours and is ideal for anyone with hair that falls at their chin to mid-back. Those with overly bleached or dry strands may need to wait a while, however.

What’s more, in addition to giving you a gorgeous wave, the two-hour process can actually help to tame unruly locks. Speaking to Hello Giggles, Dunning quipped, “…It improves the texture of many different hair types so that they can be air-dried and look amazing.”

It’s that just-showered, effortless style that seems to hold the biggest draw for clients. “We found that the majority of our clientele wants to wear their hair [in a] more natural, effortless, wave,” the hair guru explained. “But many realized that they needed a little extra [oomph]! The wave gives texture and body to hair so that you can wear your hair more effortlessly, [with] less time and work to get that undone cool girl wave.”

Do note, however: results will vary from client to client. “On frizzier hair, the [perm] will actually calm down the frizz. On straight hair, there will be slight frizz that coms along with amazing texture.”

For King, the result was a undone, tousled look that appear as though she just came from a date with the ocean.

Looking good, BB!

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