If you’re anything like us, it feels like you’ve grown up with the Olsen twins. And over the years watching them go from Full House breakout stars to serious fashion designers (and all of the straight-to-video globetrotting, troublemaking and match-making in between), Mary-Kate and Ashley have inevitably taught you an invaluable life lesson, like how to make oversized clothing look super chic, or how to build the perfect pizza.


Get ready for another valuable piece of advice or two, straight from MK+A: this time, all about beauty. In a Byrdie interview, the twins revealed the secrets to their makeup routines, including the surprising hacks they use to get their everyday looks. Naturally, we’re letting history repeat itself and taking their tricks straight to our makeup kits. Do the same with these five Olsen twin-approved makeup hacks.


1. Use Lip Liner to Get the Perfect Nude Lip: The Olsens prove to be minimalists when it comes to their signature nude lip, revealing that their entire lip look comes from just one go-to product. “It’s not a lipstick — it’s a waterproof lip liner!” Ashley told Byrdie of their fave, Make Up Forever Aqua Lip in 3C ($19). The swap allows for a more precise application and naturally refined finish (plus, leaves lots of extra room in your makeup kit).


2. Lip Balm is the Key to No-Makeup Makeup: MK+A follow the cardinal rule for acing no-makeup makeup: skin care first. On days when they don’t wear much makeup, they’re sure to never leave home without a swipe of Brave Soldier Lip Defender ($9), a heavy-duty SPF balm that leaves lips soft, smooth and protected. “It’s more like skincare for your lips than a lip balm,” Mary-Kate told Byrdie.


3. Use a Toothbrush to Brush Out Your Brows: You won’t find the Olsens wiedling around fancy brow brushes to define their most enviable features. Believe it or not, their arch shaper of choice is actually a flat toothbrush. “It’s bigger than a brow brush, so it works better,” Ashley told Byrdie. With an endorsement that solid, we’re totally sold.


4. Get the Perfect Smokey Eye With Brown Shadow: Smudgy eyeshadow might be the makeup look the Olsens are most known for, and their palette of choice might have you rethinking the way you apply your smokey eye. Byrdie reveals the twins use a matte brown shadow instead of the traditional shimmery black, a trick that keeps the dramatic look feel more everyday wearable than reserved-for-evenings only. The same rules apply for their lived-in under eye smudge.


5. Mix Matte Eyes + Lips With Dewy Skin: The Olsens always-springy complexion comes courtesy of a beauty balancing act that keeps their eyes and lips matte and their skin dewy. The twins’ makeup artist Eric Soto let Byrdie in on the four-product process to get their skin that radiant, starting with Benefit’s Erase Paste ($26). Click through to byrdie.com to round out the list.

Have you learned any makeup hacks from your favorite celebrities? Tell us in the comments below.

(Photo via Taylor Hill/Getty Images)