Before Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the poker-faced, high-fashion darlings they are today, the twins were spouting adorable catchphrases as precocious toddler Michele Tanner on Full House and power clashing to rival the style of Clarissa Darling. And even though the pair turned 28 years old today, that’s just how we’d like to remember them. If somehow the Olsen twins aren’t frozen in time as the best thing to happen to you in the ’90s, then let these 12 GIFs of MK + A fuel this epic #fbf fire.

Hangin’ tough with temporary tats.

Whoa! Uh-hu! We hold MK + A fully responsible for our life-long pizza obsession.

Stunna shades? Check!

They’ve been taking style risks on the carpet from a young age, it seems.

Uncle Jesse must have just surprised Michelle with her very first Pretty Pretty Princess game.

Power clashing never looked so fly.

Four thumbs way up!


It’s gotta be a twin thing.

Straight up goofin’. We rather like their silly side.

And finally, the ultimate #fbf.

What are your favorite Olsen twins moments? Tell us about your ’90s nostalgia in the comments below.