The secret’s out: French girls just don’t contour. From what we’ve read up on their less-is-more beauty philosophy, the product list is too long, the process is too time-intensive and the results are too extreme. Heck, according to some French women, even foundation is too much of a daily ask. So when we got wind that brand-new beauty brand Onomie is launching tomorrow with only two products — a concealer and a highlighter — we thought, this brand just gets barely-there beauty.


According to a Fashionista report, the brand isn’t just wooing makeup minimalists with its back-to-basics curation and pink-nude packaging, an aesthetic influence that carried over from founder’ Kal Vepri’s outerwear brand The Arrivals. Onomie’s cosmetics are formulated to act like skin care products, so besides the typical coverage and pop, this makeup promises to enhance and correct the quality of your skin with every application. With the former global product developer for Kiehl’s on board, we’re willing to bet its claims, like that the vitamin C-rich highlighter improves fine line around the eye area by 30 percent over eight weeks, actually hold up IRL. Add on a direct-to-consumer sales model that keeps prices down without effecting product quality — a model also followed by Warby Parker, Everlane and fellow skin care-focused beauty brand Glossier — and Onomie becomes *the* reason to detox your makeup routinenow.

What beauty products are your favorite next-level basics? Tell us how you detox your makeup routine in the comments below.

(h/t Fashionista, Photo via @onomiebeauty)