The no-makeup makeup trend has shown zero signs of slowing down. And for color cosmetics obsessives and lazy girls alike, that鈥檚 a really great thing, namely because of the major emphasis it has placed on skin care. Not that regularly taking care of your skin has ever been poo-pooed 鈥 we don鈥檛 know a makeup artist who doesn鈥檛 consider 鈥渕oisturize鈥 the first step in any look. But now, nailing that fresh-faced feel relies on your skin looking healthy.


Currently, no one makes barely there makeup more covetable than Into the Gloss founder Emily Weiss, whose affordable, blog-inspired beauty brand Glossier caused an internet-wide frenzy last year when it launched its first skin care鈥揻ocused collection. Called Phase 1, the set of morning routine essentials quickly reached cult status among the beauty set with products like a lip + skin salve cheekily named Balm Dotcom ($12) and a Perfecting Skin Tint ($26), a lighter, fuss-free alternative to foundation. This past week, the brand鈥檚 鈥減hase two鈥 debuted to similar fanfare, and all we have to say is: brace yourselves for the face mask selfies.


Meet the yin and yang of face care: the detoxing Mega Greens Galaxy Pack ($22), a purifying blend of leafy greens and moisturizing clay that calms inflammation and conditions pores, and the hydrating Moisturizing Moon Mask ($22) a soothing potion packed with natural brighteners and hydrators that plump the skin. On their own, these lather-on-and-chill-out masks provide a gentle 20-minute reset for all skin types 鈥 including those with sensitive skin 鈥 as often as your skin needs TLC. But like Glossier鈥檚 debut line, this duo was developed as a set that can be used as a pre-packaged spa-at-home routine, making them an easy-to-use solution for masking newbies. As the reviews pour in, it seems like Glossier has struck gold yet again by taking us back to beauty basics. Can we just request that Phase 3 include a Glossier-branded bath robe?

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