Ladies and gentlemen, there is now a gadget that will wake you up by blowing bacon smells into your nostrils. Go ahead and celebrate, I’ll wait.

Before I fill this post with lies about how I swoon over the sweet, sizzly smell of the Animal Formerly Known As Pig, I need to be honest. I don’t eat bacon. I’ve been vegetarian for over five years and even when I DID eat meat, bacon wasn’t my favorite. I NEVER ordered it on the side, or on burgers! I would order sausage at breakfast! Ahhhh!!!

But I did have an amazing roommate who used to cook bacon in the apartment some mornings and I remember the smell tickling my nose, stirring me from sleep to say: “Hey! Your roomie is cooking! Yeah, bacon… but don’t worry, she’ll clean the pan. Maybe she’ll make you eggs. And you guys can eat breakfast and catch up on Scandal. That would be nice.”

That roommate may be all the way across the country now (miss you, girl!) but I can wake up to that smell again — with Oscar Mayer’s Wake Up and Smell the Bacon gadget and app. An accessory no bigger than a battery charger and filled with bacon-scented liquid slides into your Apple device’s headphone jack. Set the alarm on the free companion app and wake up to the smell and snap, crackle sounds of bacon frying in the AM. While bacon may not be my jam (though, admittedly bacon jam does sound intriguing) futuristic tech innovations are my jam. This silly-sounding app and alarm could be the beginning of the world of smell-o-vision that we’ve been so patiently waiting for since watching The Jetsons in our jammies.

The only way to get your snout sniffing this in real life is to nab a spot as one of their Official Bacon Beta Testers. Answer these three questions on the Oscar Mayer site to enter:

I was not accepted.

Talk to me bacon lovers and haters: is this app crazy or amazing? What scent would you want to wake you up every morning?