Errr…maybe we should call them ear-opening alarm clocks, instead. If you’ve become too good at turning off your phone’s alarm or your alarm clock app of choice without actually waking up, it might be time to upgrade to one of these actual alarm clocks. We came across so many wacky options including some we thought were just a bit too violent or shockingly painful, but we promise that while some of these alarms might be a bit obnoxious they will make sure you get up on time.

Philips Wake-Up Light Sunrise Simulation

1. Philips Wake-Up Light Sunrise Simulation ($140): The gentlest, most natural way to wake up? With the sun, of course. But if your bedroom is outfitted with blackout shades you’ll need this clock that fakes the sunrise for you—on your schedule.

HITO Wood Grain LED Alarm Clock

2. HITO Wood Grain LED Alarm Clock ($37): We love this sleek, faux-wood alarm clock, especially the fact that you can set it so the LED only turns on when you clap or touch the clock. Otherwise it just looks like a beautiful objet on your nightstand.

Flying Alarm Clock

3. Flying Alarm Clock ($15): Ideal for those who really can’t get up in the morning. This clock has a flying disc that shoots across the room, which you’ll have to retrieve and return to its dock in order to make the alarm stop.

Flip Alarm Clock

4. Flip Alarm Clock ($45): Available in four bright colors, you just flip this clock over to turn off your alarm. And if you need a few more Z’s, just tap the top.

Covent Alarm Clock

5. Covent Alarm Clock ($38): If you’re trying to not look at the the clock in the middle of the night, go with this analog classic. And the alarm is loud. Trust us.

Snooze Alarm

6. Snooze Alarm Clock ($40): We showed you this alarm clock back when it was on Kickstarter, and we’re happy to report funding was successful. Hitting the snooze button on your phone’s alarm has never been easier.

Newgate Bubble Clock

7. Newgate Bubble Alarm Clock ($40): We showed you another product in this line in our round up of bright wall clocks. And we’re still digging the retro feel, now just perfectly sized for your nightstand.

Silence Alarm

8. “Silence” Alarm Clock: This alarm is still in the concept phase, but we hope it comes into production soon. Instead of a blaring alarm, you wear a small rubber ring on your finger while you sleep. When it’s time to wake up, the ring will vibrate. Shake your hand to activate the snooze, but be warned that the more times you “shake snooze” the harder it becomes to turn the alarm off. (via Yanko Design)

Jet Lag Alarm

9. Jetlag Alarm Clock ($40): Perfect for frequent travelers, this alarm clock is easy to set—time on the left, alarm on the right—and includes a lock button so you won’t accidentally reset your alarm when you toss the clock in your luggage.

Silver Clocky Alarm Clock

10. Silver Clocky ($46): You might have seen the classic mint green Clocky before, but we’re much more into the silver version sold at the MoMA Design Store. Be prepared to chase after this little guy—he’ll roll off your nightstand, and you have to catch him to turn him off.

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

11. Sonic Boom Alarm Clock ($36): This is the ultimate clock for a heavy sleeper. Not only does it have a 113 decibel alarm (which is about the equivalent of a loud rock concert or a sandblaster), it also has a 12-volt attachment that shakes your bed. Just make sure you don’t have it set to wake you up after a night of drinking.

Bird Alarm Clock

12. Bird Alarm Clock ($40): Put a bird on it. Or wait, put a clock on it. Put a clock on a bird on your nightstand. However you want to say it, it’s pretty cute.

Projection Alarm Clock

13. Projection Alarm Clock ($39): If you’re constantly checking the time in the middle of the night, pick up this projection alarm clock. With the touch of a button it projects the time, indoor temperature, and outdoor temperature on the wall or ceiling.

Dottie Rockin' Alarm Clock

14. Dottie Rockin’ Alarm Clock ($139): Polka dots and monograms, two of our favorite things combined in this alarm clock and iPod dock.

Bedol Water Alarm Clock

15. Bedol Water-Powered Alarm Clock ($19): The best thing about this clock is that it doesn’t take batteries. Instead just keep it filled with water to keep it running. No worries about forgetting to refill it, each time you top it off, it’ll last 12–14 weeks.

Kid'Sleep Classic

16. Kid’Sleep Classic ($30): If you have a little one that needs an alarm clock (more likely to stay in bed than to get out of it!) try this fun animal version. If the sleeping bunny or cow is lit up, it’s time to be in bed, asleep. And they can get up only once the wide awake critter lights up.

Trichromatic Sandglass Alarm

17. Trichromatic Sandglass Alarm ($35): Okay maybe an hourglass won’t wake you up in the morning, but it is good for timing other activities. We’d recommend keeping this clock on your desk instead of your nightstand.

Bell Alarm Clock

18. Bell Alarm Clock ($65): If you’re looking for a fire-engine red alarm clock with a bell reminiscent of a fire engine as well, look no further.The exposed bell on the back means this clock is loud.

Carpet Alarm Clock

19. Carpet Alarm Clock: Yes, this one is another design concept we can’t wait to see on store shelves. Put this mat by the side of your bed, and in order to turn off the alarm embedded in it, you’ll have to stand on it. It’s guaranteed not only to wake you up, but get you out of bed, too. (via Yanko Design)

Areaware Alarm Dock

20. Alarm Dock by Areaware ($38): Another one of our favorites, the Alarm Dock turns your iPhone into an old fashioned flip clock, and now it comes in tons of colors. The only problem is choosing just one.

What do you use to get out of bed in the morning—your phone or an actual alarm clock? Tell us in the comments!