The 2016 Oscars were trending with hot topics leading up to tonight’s telecast, but the one that had everyone talking was the fact that there were no African American nominees in the major categories this year. Which is actually crazy. When nominees were announced way back in January, many called for a boycott, even asking that host Chris Rock step down as MC of the telecast. While much of Hollywood did not boycott the awards, many stars have been incredibly vocal about the issue. Here are a few of the best tweets calling out the Academy and showing that #OscarsSoWhite (and #HollywoodSoWhite) needs to end this year.

Can you drop the mic on Twitter?

BET let everyone know how excited they were to see what Chris Rock would throw down.

Icon Bette Midler wasn’t mincing words in anticipation of the eve’s events, and she totally nailed it.

*praise hands emoji*

Enrique Acevedo agreed.

As the show continues, Rock continues to point out racial issues while keeping the show light and funny — something we think only he could achieve.

Straight Out of Touch has a pretty accurate ring to it.


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