We’ve seen some epic paint jobs before. We’ve even created plenty ourselves. Like the time we made balloon art. Or spray painted with string. Or mural-ed our office. But paintboxing is something else. Dutch painter/boxer Bart van Polanen Petel is creating entirely unique paintings by “fighting” his canvas. We may never know what the canvas ever did to deserve such punishment, but the results are pretty spectacular.

Van Polanen Petel wraps canvas around a punching bag and turns his workout into an explosive piece of art. “Instead of crushing bones and shattering teeth, I use my fists to create,” he explains in his artist’s statement. “I use exclusively boxing techniques, with real boxing gloves. No brush allowed. What remains is an echo of the beast within.”

The resulting abstract paintings are wild, colorful and full of motion. The color is thrown on with direct blows and indirect jabs, which splatters much like the drip style of a Jackson Pollock.

You can check out more of van Polanen Petel’s work on his website and below!

If anyone is inspired to open a paintboxing studio, we will be the first to sign up! What do you think?