When it comes to the workplace, it should come as no surprise that we’re all about adding unexpected pops of color and inspiration any way we can. And, our office is no exception! It’s been almost a year since we moved into our Union Square digs, and we’re excited to share a few behind the scenes snippets of how we’ve transformed the space.

The first couple weeks looked a lot like this. But slowly and surely, we’ve turned this office into a physical manifestation of our brand. Here are 12 ways we did it!

1. Crazy Awesome Ceiling Installation: To infuse the entire space with a blast of color, we installed an installation of dozens upon dozens of colorful square lanterns.

2. Custom Carpets: We teamed up with the folks at FLOR to create custom carpeting for our entire office. Along the walkway as you enter we’ve got multi-colored plus signs. In the conference room, we’ve got a sort of pixelated design featuring colorful squares scattered throughout.

3. Live Creatively Nail Art: You know we love nail art! We created this sign to hang above the content team’s desk to keep us inspired, creative and to remember the value of a weekend ;) Learn how to make this very sign right here.

4. Air Plant Installation: Remember that time we got super into Air Plant Wall Art? What you don’t know is that the whole team was involved! Each Brit + Co. staffer created their own piece of air plant wall art, and we installed it in our reception area. So fun!

5. Custom Blinds: Since we’re on street level, we wanted our store front to make a statement. The answer? Custom printed window shades, ordered from Orangepiel.

6. Colorful Lighting: “Did I stumble into some bad lighting?” Never, if you’re hanging out here! ;) Thanks to Lamps Plus for hooking us up with these awesome pendant lamps.

7. Techie Prints: We hit up Society6 to find a collection of prints and came across this awesome artist, Gianmarco Magnani. We picked a collection of techie prints including drawings of a camera, video camera, cassette and typewriter.

8. Rosette Photo Backdrop: We’ve got a permanent photo backdrop at the ready right in our conference room. See how to make your own right here.

9. Brand New Kitchen: When we arrived on Sutter Street, we were totally without a kitchen! So, we teamed up with GE Appliances to get the most up-to-date appliances and with Lowe’s to source a farm-inspired sink. It’s definitely where some super magical cakes happen.

10. Washi Tape Doors: Remember these guys? We used washi tape to add a little personality to the doors throughout the office. See how we did it here.

11. Sunglasses on the WALL: We found this mirror on Fab and immediately fell in love. It’s officially called “Looking Good” and we have to agree ;)

12. The John + The Can: And finally, our restrooms. We’ll spare you the weird toilet photos and just show you the wall art. On the left, we’ve got The John. A bathroom covered wall-to-wall in photos of famous Johns throughout history. On the right, The Can. And that’s all there is to it.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes looks as we continue to add new and colorful details to our space.

What does your office look like? We’d love to see it it — share photos with us via Instagram @britandco!