Pantone lipstick, Pantone fashion, Pantone everything… including beer? Good folks of the Internet, please raise your glasses, bottles and cans — to good ales and great design. Spanish creative studio Txaber was inspired by the always-awesome Pantone to create a suite of beer packaging that is incredibly creative and colorful. The project was a design exercise, but we’d love to see it grace a future craft brewery someday!

The Txaber packaging pairs beer styles with the corresponding Pantone shade that best matches the beer color. The lager, for example, is packaged with a golden yellow 123C and the dark ale is an amber brown 1815C. In practice, we think the design would allow customers to know more about the type of beer without seeing a drop, and the bold, minimalist style would totally pop among aisle after aisle of brown and green bottles. We’d probably want to collect the whole set.

What’s the coolest beer branding you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments!