About a month ago, Pantone pulled out nine color palettes they expect to be uber trendy in 2017. Whether you’re into soft pastels or you’re thinking of going a little darker, there is a color palette here for *every* style aesthetic. We’ve put together this guide on how to incorporate each of the nine palettes into your home. The At Ease palette is comparable to Daydreaming with its light and bright color combinations but also incorporates more grays for an extra luxe touch. With the right decorating tips, on-trend accessories, pillows and shades of paint, the At Ease palette can give your room a unique style that’s totally in sync with your personality. Scroll through to see how these 20 rooms rock the gray and pastel color palette.



1. Easy Living: If you’re not afraid of color, no one says says you have to stick with pastels. Balance out white walls and natural light with statement-making dark gray bookcases and a gray velvet couch that’s a touch lighter. (via Planete Deco)


2. Greenery Galore: Nervous about gray feeling too “cold”? Shades of gray with green undertones can give your home a warm, natural feel, especially if you add botanical prints, rattan or wooden furniture. (via Planete Deco)

3. Hints of Blue: Throw pillows and good art can solve a multitude of decorating questions. A gray couch becomes the perfect place to play around with the At Ease shades of soft pink, blue and sage green. (via Adore Home Magazine)



4. Rug Play: The key to rocking a trendy color palette is balance: If you have light floors and countertops, go for dark gray cabinets and keep your accessories soft. Bring in a patterned rug to warm up the room, and add a few natural wood elements, like open shelves and cutting boards, for an organic feel. (via Honestly WTF)


5. Lighter Shades: Incorporating gray into your kitchen can be as dramatic or as subtle as you want. Opt for a warm, soft shade on the cabinets and accessorize with pastel dishes or a rug with touches of pink and mint. Keep the floors light, for an airy, open feel. (via Chris Loves Julia)


6. Scandinavian Vibing: Lovers of the Nordic look will definitely dig this fresh look. Paint your floors dark gray to ground the room, and opt for white countertops and appliances for a clean way to add light to your wood tones. Add gold hardware (obvs) and finish off the space with a pinkish rug and a few plants. (via Domino)



7. Pastel Charm: The gray floorboards are just what this dining room needed to balance out a pastel pink ombre wall color. If the At Ease palette is feeling too delicate for you, bring in the va-va-voom with a statement chandelier and a black and white cowhide rug. (via A Beautiful Mess)


8. Contemporary Modern: The best part about a gray and pastel palette is how versatile the shades are when it comes to different styles. If you love minimalism and a more modern look, keep the shades light and pick furniture pieces that have clean lines and interesting textures. (via Lonny)


9. Kilim Bliss: If you’re just looking for a quick weekend update or want to give a color palette a trial run before you go all out, why not just throw down a rug with ALL the shades? A kilim rug has all the shades picked out for you, including light pink, mint and orange. (via Domino)



10. Moody Boudoir: You don’t need a lot of natural light to pull off a dark color (although a little does help!). Keep the vanity and towels white for a luxe, almost spa-like atmosphere. (via The Shingled House)


11. Coral Accents: Looking for the perf pastel to accent with? There are a few color combos that won’t steer you wrong. Shades of pink or coral, gray and gold hardware will always look good. Srsly. (via Birmingham Home & Garden)


12. Chic Pink: You can’t help but smile when walking into this pretty pink bathroom every morning! Retro pink tiles look totally fresh and updated with all-white everything. Oh, and a few plants. (via Emily Henderson)



13. Teal Accents: Give your bedroom an inviting, beachy aesthetic with a gray headboard and blue bedding. Throw in a few coral accents and neutral textiles to zen out your space. (via Adore Home Magazine)

14. Copper and Navy: Modern aesthetic meets boho-chic in this whimsical mishmash of colors, patterns and textures. There’s no such thing as too much faux fur, but stick with a minimal nightstand and clean edges to copy this modern, refined look. (via Adore Home Magazine)


15. Pinky Coral: Not for the faint of heart, this all-gray bedroom is BOLD. But the coral quilt, copper lamps and faux fur sheepskin warm up the room and ensure the dark gray doesn’t feel drab. (via Hannah Blackmore Photography)



16. Pastel Workspace: If you’ve got a theme in mind, go big or go home. This lilac workspace practically screams artsy-maker-chic. Complement a soft gray wall color with vibrant pastels, quirky accessories and natural wood shelves. (via Oh Happy Day)


17. Butter Yellow: If your dream workspace is an uncluttered, minimal heaven, stick with a monochromatic theme. Something as simple as adding a giant calendar or a colorful accent chair can dramatically change the look of your entire office. (via A Beautiful Mess)


18. Glam It Up: Because gold is life, especially in the office. Paint one dark gray accent wall and accessorize with pastel wall art, pink storage boxes and a totally luxe furry chair that’ll make responding to emails sooooo much better. (via My Domaine)

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