That’s it. Throw out all of your Cadbury Creme Eggs, every last brightly-colored jelly bean and all of your Reese’s egg— actually, send those ones to us. There’s a new sweet treat hopping into town this spring and we’ll share a secret so you don’t need to hunt too hard for it. Word is, the Easter Bunny is stopping at your neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts early to drop off special Peeps donuts. Peeps. Donuts. Donuts with PEEPS. PEEPS on donuts. Proof:

We gathered up the facts about this special edition sweet treat. Here’s what you need to know:

1. The donuts are shaped like flowers.

2. The donuts have Peeps on them. (This should probably be the first fact…)

3. The donuts are decorated with pink and green frosting. The pink frosting is actually strawberry-flavored.

4. These donuts will be available starting March 31 for a limited time.

5. There are no Dunkin’ Donuts in the San Francisco area (not even within 50 miles!!) so you will have to eat one (of each) for us and tell us how they are.

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