The best thing about Easter as a kid was the numerous packages of pastel sugar-coated marshmallow goodness that arrived in our baskets without fail. Peeps are an Easter tradition, so they obviously deserve a place on your table this year. You’re already going to WOW the family with an Easter brunch ham recipe, so why not use up your bounty with a colorful Peeps dessert before whipping up some DIY Peeps decorations for Easter? These 19 Peeps recipes are chocolatey, gooey and crispy (there may even be a cocktail involved!), and they’re absolutely *perfect* for your post-Easter dinner sweet tooth.


1. Peeps Skillet Dip: If you know someone who doesn’t love Peeps, make this for them and they’ll definitely be a convert. It’s just about the most fun way to get everyone around the table together. (via Brit + Co)

peeps brownie pops

2. Peep Brownie Pops: Little ones will love helping decorate these sweet brownie pops. You can cut the cooled brownies into rectangles, or pick up an ice cream pop cookie cutter to mimic the shape of real popsicles. (via Munchkin Munchies)


3. Peeps S’more Cookie Bars: One of the many great things about Peeps is that they last forever. Come July when you’re really jonesin’ for a Peep or two, recover them from the depths of your cupboard and whip up these s’more bars. Everyone may think you’re crazy, but you’ll have the last very delicious laugh. (via Freckle and Fair)


4. Peeps Popcorn: The pastel hue of this popcorn just screams Easter. It may be a bit messy, but it’s so worth it in the end — especially once the white chocolate drizzle sets, and you’re ready to nosh. (via Grain Changer)

Peep Sugar cookie

5. Peeps Sugar Cookies: Homemade sugar cookies can be a scary dessert to master. Since these are covered in colored sugar, they’re pretty much foolproof. Everyone will be more than impressed with your baking skills. (via A Sue Chef)


6. Peeps Rice Krispies Eggs: Taking the time to mold your Rice Krispies in plastic eggs is WELL worth the extra time. When a recipe is this easy, there’s no reason not to take the cute factor up a notch. (via Brit + Co)

Peeps Rice Krispie Pops

7. Peeps Rice Krispies Treats: Pre-packaged Rice Krispies treats make quick work of these candy-coated pops. Slice your Peeps in half lengthwise so you can see them whether they’re coming or going. (via Love from the Oven)


8. Polka Dot Cake: This intricate cake is a lot easier to make than it looks (especially if you happen to have a cake pop maker at home). Use an extra package of Peeps to bribe a kid in your family to help if you feel like delegating some of the steps. (via Made from Pinterest)

Peeps Rice Krispies

9. Marshmallow Peeps Rice Krispies: The trick to these Rice Krispies is adding the chunks of Peeps in last, so that the pieces keep their shape. One chewy gooey bite of these, and you’ll be hooked. (via From Me to Vuu)

sunflower peep cake

10. Peeps Sunflower Brownies: There’s absolutely no way you could be unhappy looking at a Peeps sunflower brownie. You can arrange your yellow peeps as shown or upside down if you prefer. Varying the size of the chocolate chips in the middle gives the effect of real sunflower seeds. Adorable! (via The Semisweet Sisters)

Peeps rice krispy pizza

11. Peeps Pizza: Attention, all marshmallow lovers! This dessert pizza has marshmallows in the pizza crust as well as a marshmallow frosting on top. Of course, it’s decorated with marshmallow Peeps too. (via Baking Beauty)


12. Marshmallow Peeps Lemon Drops Martini: It may seem counterintuitive, but this drink with a Peep floating in it is for adults only. Peep-infused vodka is the star of this unique martini, and you’ll definitely want to keep some on hand from now on. (via Sew You Can Cook)


13. Easter Peep-Za: If only all pizzas could have a sugar cookie crust and chocolate ganache sauce. A peanut topping adds a salty element to this otherwise very sweet pizza. Your Peeps will surely volunteer to grace the top of this dessert. (via The Cooking Channel)

candy dipped peeps

14. Chocolate Dipped Peeps: Something as simple as dipping your Peeps in chocolate and adding sprinkles can be a really special touch that takes almost no time to do. Plus, they look like they have cute little polka-dot inner tubes on. (via Junblog)


15. Coconut “Grass” Peeps Cake: This festive cake screams spring. Pick any Easter candy you like for garnish, but make sure those Peeps are front and center with this mouth-watering dessert. (via Evite)

Angel Food Cake

16. 3-Layer Angel Food Peeps Cake: If a light-as-air cake covered in buttercream is your thing, than you need to run to the kitchen to make this immediately. Just beware of the Peep bunnies that are standing guard — they’re more vicious than they look. (via The Farmer’s Daughter)

Peep Monster Cookies

17. Peep Monster Cookies: These GIANT flourless cookies are packed with peanut butter and candy — pretty much what dreams are made of. Just when you think they couldn’t get better. Stick two cookies together with warm Peeps in the middle, and all of your cookie dreams will come true. (via The Southern Fatty)

Peep cookie butter cups

18. Easter Peeps Cookie Butter Cups: These Peeps may think they just got stuck in a mud puddle, but really it’s chocolate and creamy cookie butter. They also don’t know they’re about to be devoured. Poor little guys. (via Knead to Cook)

peeps magic hat

19. Peeps Magician’s Hat Marshmallow Bites: It’s a rabbit coming out of a hat! Get it? With just some candy melts, jumbo marshmallows and Oreos, you can make these charming little treats that everyone will get a huge kick out of. (via Not Your Momma’s Cookie)

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