Selena Gomez and The Weeknd haven鈥檛 been ~a thing~ very long, but almost as soon as they were spotted together, the drama has followed. The Weeknd鈥檚 ex Bella Hadid was thought to be throwing some shade the new couple鈥檚 way, while conspiracies that their romance is staged 鈥 a la Hiddleswift theories 鈥 are starting to gain some momentum.

Of course, it鈥檚 not all haters, and whatever the actual status of the relationship, some people seem to be shipping it so hard that they can鈥檛 help but compare Selena and Abel to a married couple 鈥 and more specifically, to Selena鈥檚 parents. A photo of Selena鈥檚 parents when they were young and married has been put side-by-side with a recent pic of Selena and the Weeknd, and fans have quickly become obsessed.

The (absolutely adorable, BTW) photo of Selena鈥檚 parents can be dated back to the early 鈥90s, not just because of the perfectly teased hair and fashion, but because of wee baby Selena, who was born in 1992. The current photo of Selena and The Weeknd have some similarities for sure, though mostly it just highlights how much Selena is a total combo of her parents鈥 looks!

If anything, we hope the photo comparison leads to a hilariously awkward convo between Selena and Abel about how people are already comparing them to an old married couple. Or, who knows 鈥 it might even inspire a real conversation about marriage! Either way, it鈥檚 clear the fans are far from analyzing this young love, and we鈥檙e totally here for it.

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(Featured photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty)