We’re all trying to cut down on those pesky, yet totally convenient plastic bottles. When we do use them, we recycle them. But one artist has us rethinking that last move with his upcycled hanging lamp creations with these gorgeous PET Lamps.

Barcelona-based designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón first debuted these lamps back in 2011. Soon after in 2012, he collaborated with artists in Colombia to create lamps using dyed straw and wool. Most recently, he’s worked with Si Studio and a group of wicker artisans from Chile to create a new line of hanging lamps that us seriously swooning. Dubbed ‘Chimbarongo’ after the city in Chile where these creations are woven, these lamps use natural wicker and rely on the bottles to give each lamp its coloring.

The artist has big plans to expand this collection to feature artisans all over the world! “The PET Lamp for us has become a pretext for getting to know different countries and cultures and to enter into the lives of people in a manner that would not have been possible any other way.” We’d love to see how this collection could evolve — Venetian glass beaded chandeliers, shades made with wax prints from Africa, intricate origami sculptures from Japan — the possibilities are endless!

No two lamps are alike, meaning your statement lighting piece truly is one of a kind! The detailing on these lamps extend to the cloth-covered electrical cord that’s designed to have “the perfect texture and fall.” We’ve wrapped a cord or two here at Brit HQ, so we totally know the impact the smallest details can make!

After looking through the entire collection of PET Lamps, we’re all in! Can you believe these were once plastic bottles?! Interested in getting your hands on one or two or even 21? Prices start around $375 per lamp and go up as high as $8000 for the massive and amazing installation! (Seriously, can’t you just imagine instagrammin’ these if you spotted them in public!)

(h/t to Remodelista for bringing this fantastic plastic to our attention!)

Have you upcycled anything that was headed for a recycling bin? Tell us about your project in the comments below!