Always losing your wine glass at a party? So are we. Instead of finding your glass by the shade of your lipstick on the rim, we’ve made some adorable wine charms. These would be fun to make for a family get together (like, um… Thanksgiving of course!) or for the wedding party table at a wedding reception. Or just to keep in your house for your friends ;)

 – lockets (We got ours for $6 at H&M!)

– photos

– hoop earrings

 – scissors

– needle nose pliers


1. Remove the chain from the locket using the pliers.

2. Hook an earring onto locket.

3. Curve up the end of the earring so that it fits into the hole.

4. Cut the photo to fit into locket (use your first one as a template for the rest).

5. Put the photo in the locket.

6. Clasp the earring around the stem of your wine glass. Drink up!

We went to H&M for these awesome lockets. They also come in silver.

First you’ll need to remove the chain from the locket by stretching open the jump ring. Stick your pliers into the middle of the loop and then pull them apart. Now you can slide the earring into the hole where the jump ring was attached. We bought earrings from a bead store, but you could also use regular hoop earrings from your jewelry box.

With these earrings, we had to fold up the end to form a hook. Hang onto the end with your pliers and curve that baby up.

Here comes the fun part — adding photos. Choose some fun photos of your guests (if you’re throwing a shindig) and then cut them out to fit into the locket. It might take some trial and error, but once you have the correct size, use that photo as a template to cut out the others.

Hook these adorable charms onto the stems of your wine glasses and then it’s party time. We love these! They are so interactive. When you try to find your glass, it’s also like watching a slideshow of fun photos!

Now that is a stylish wine glass.


Have you ever made DIY wine charms? Or bought any you love? Talk to us in the comments below.