There’s something about packing a picnic and heading to the park that makes it really feel like summer. Before you load up the cooler, snatch up one of these stylish blankets, or if the DIY mood strikes, make your own. You’ll be dining al fresco in no time.

1. Kate Spade Saturday Beach Blanket in Sampler ($50): Since you’ll probably be picnicking on a Saturday, these bright blankets from Kate Spade Saturday are quite fitting. Also available in lined stripe, window pane, and signature zig zag.

2. DIY Diamond Picnic Blanket: We were shocked at how easy this diamond ombré picnic blanket was to make. Once you’ve created the grid with tape, simply paint inside each diamond with a foam roller. Be sure to check out Bri’s video as well. (via designlovefest)

3. Built NY Convertible Picnic Bag ($150): Not only does this tote carry all of your picnic supplies (four place settings, plastic wine glasses, a bottle opener, and a trash bag), your food, and your wine, but it also unfolds into a spacious dining mat.

4. Anorak Kissing Animals Picnic Blankets ($47-$55): If you’re going to dine in the great outdoors, you might as well have the a great-outdoors-themed picnic blanket. Available with rabbits, birds, or stags—we can’t pick a favorite.

5. Yield Picnic Bag ($56): Picnicking with this bag is seamless—literally. All of the seams on the tote are zippers so the bag unfolds into a mat you can sit and eat on. Plus, you can connect multiple totes together to make a massive park blanket.

6. DIY Waterproof Confetti Polka Dot Picnic Blanket: Two key tricks to this DIY project: first splurge on the drop cloth with the plastic on the back. And second, the bottom of a solo cup will give you the perfect circle for your confetti dots. (via Radical Possbility)

7. Lala Beach Blanket ($170): We’ll never say no to neon. Especially when it’s paired with neutrals like black, navy, and cream in these blankets handwoven in Ethiopia.

8. Steven Alan Beach Blanket ($48): At such a reasonable price, you can keep a couple of these linen blankets in your car so an impromptu picnic will never result in grass-stained clothes again.

9. Rainbow Flag Bunting Picnic Blanket ($140): This handmade retro-inspired carnival bunting blanket is perfect for a picnic with kids. Bonus: With the bright colors it can double as a baby activity mat indoors.

10. Fruitsuper Picnic Blanket ($98): This is our pick for heading to the beach since completely water-repellant and durable.

11. kate spade new york Picnic Blanket ($28): No more forgetting where your picnic is happening with this cheeky blanket from kate spade. And your party will stay completely dry since it’s made from Tyvek—the same material many mailing envelopes are made from.

12. Spotty Hearth Waterproof Picnic Blanket ($71): In case boring polka dots aren’t your thing, this bright orange blanket with white heart-shaped spots should be right up your alley.

13. DIY Patchwork Picnic Blanket: Give this blanket a try if you’re looking for an easy intro to quilting. There’s lots of valuable information in the tutorial, including some “how-not-tos.” (via Centsational Girl)

14. Monogrammed Picnic Blanket ($59.50): Yes, we believe in initials on everything including this water-resistant picnic blanket that rolls up into its own carrier.

15. Grand Trunk Parasheet ($40): Relive your childhood gym class with this beach blanket made from parachute material. And don’t worry about the wind carrying it away, you can use stakes to anchor the blanket through the loops in each corner.

16. Wide Stripe Blanket ($25): Complete with a built-in handle this is the perfect blanket to keep with you on the go. It’s also available in a spicy orange stripe.

17. DIY Picnic Roll: This sturdy canvas blanket is all the more special because it’s handmade. No more suffering through color combinations or patterns you’re not in love with. (via Purl Bee)

18. Pendleton National Park Blankets ($198): These are the ultimate year-round blankets for dining al fresco. You’ll rack up bonus points if you use them in the national parks they’re named after.

19. Speaker Blanket (£35): You know we love the speaker blanket (it was in the Brit List, after all). It’s still available for pre-order, but if you can’t wait to have tunes during your picnic pick up a set of summer speakers.

20. DIY Waterproof LED Picnic Blanket: Why have a picnic under the stars when you can have a picnic on top of the stars? It takes a little handiwork, but we think it’s totally worth it. (via Instructables)

What are your picnic plans for this summer? Will you be taking any of these blankets along with you?