By now you’re probably an expert in dorm decor. You’ve perused all the back-to-school catalogs, shopped the sales and chatted with your roomie. Now you’re just looking for those few finishing touches that’ll guarantee your digs are the best on the block (err… campus?). Well, girl, that’s what we’re here for. For example, framing your posters/photos, or even just matting them, will instantly give your room a more polished and put together look. Scroll on for more of our hot tips amd finds, and make sure to get the scoop on renter and small space living (’cause that’s basically what you’re doing!).

1. 4040 Locust Mari Mod Divet Cover ($79): Geometric designs are all the rage and this simple black and white duvet will show off your style cred without being too busy for a small space.

2. Framed Canvas Bins ($78): This design is super smart because the frame holds the bag so you can throw stuff in with ease, but then the bag lifts out for easy transport to the laundromat. It isn’t too bad to look at either.

3. Chili Pepper Knitted Pouf ($80): Bright color + chunky knit texture is basically all we’re looking for in life. And in cozy furnishings.

4. All-Glass Terrarium ($59): You might not be able to take care of a normal plant (kind of hard with school breaks and all) but a terrarium full of succulents and air plants? You’re so there.

5. Shaggy Tee Mat in Lavender ($79): It’s best used for standing on post-shower and for coordinating with your other accessories.

6. 4040 Locust Oak Multi Wall Hook ($50): Maybe you’ll try crew in college. Or maybe you’ll just enjoy some late-night swims in the nearby river. Either way, this oar rack is a very collegiate addition to your rom.

7. Solid Hang-a-Round Chair ($80): A fold-out chair like this may be a rather stereotypical dorm room choice, but there’s no harm in that. It’s comfy and it increases your seating space.

8. Magical Thinking Dakota Blackout Curtain ($79): Lucky students (and those with friends at the registrar) manage to schedule all their classes for the afternoon. If you’re one of them, take advantage of the time for extra shuteye with these blackout curtains.

9. Pine Desk Caddy ($58): Nothing’s more frustrating than being almost done with that problem set when your pencil runs out of lead. Guarantee you always have a spare handy with this woodland-themed desk caddy.

10. Brass Magnifying Glass ($98): Long nights spent pouring over tiny textbook print is a recipe for bad eyesight. Invest in a chic magnifying class and ensure you ace your classes and avoid having to up your eyeglass perscription.

11. Plum + Bow Hot Stripe Bed Blanket ($89): If you think we’d miss another chance to incorporate ombre into our home, you’re sorely mistaken.

12. Wall to Wall Shelving ($69+): Sticking thumbtacks in the wall is for plebes. Display your knickknacks and photos with style on these shelves.

13. Adesso Suki Floor Lamp ($73): We’re all about hanging paper lanterns around everywhere, so repurposing one into a floor lamp is something we’re obvs into.

14. Ladder Storage Basket ($69): We totally get storing your extra socks and winter coat in under-the-bed storage bins, but some extra stuff deserves to be displayed. Put that stuff in this neat copper basket stand.

15. Adrienne Indoor/Outdoor Garden Stool in Ariel White ($91): We see this as a spare desk chair and as part of layout for a future garden party. We love repurposing objects we love.

16. Brights Quilt Set in Yellow ($80): It’ll be impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed with this sunny quilt. We’re also betting it’ll be great for snuggling under come those snowy winter nights.

17. Lea Accent Table in Honey Nature ($92): Unfortunately most dorms don’t come with bedside tables. And that just doesn’t jive with us. Where will we put our water bottle and Advil for those extra rough mornings?

18. Sarma Box Cotton Cushion ($65): Sitting on the floor is a great place for reviewing notecards… and for DIY-ing your little heart out. Just make sure you have a snazzy cushion so you can avoid a sore bum!

19. Noodle Boho Ruffle Shams ($89): These may be going on a list for a future dyeing project, but until then, we’ll enjoy the store-bought version.

20. Brightweave Throw ($78): This design reminds us of one of our fave sweaters, and we bet it’s just as warm.

21. Surfers Point Tie Dye Duvet Cover in Coral Pink ($99): Tie dyeing, bleach dyeing — you name it, we’re into it. This summery duvet may just ward off spring fever when the school day just seems too long.

22. Adesso Gyoza Floorchiere in Walnut ($90): Good lighting can fix just about any room design shortcoming. The warm glow of this lamp is just the ticket.

23. Ceramic Peacock Lollipop Holder ($98): You may not need a peacock-shaped lollipop holder, but instant access to sugary goodness will boost your moods and help you make friends. Sounds like a win-win to us.

24. Waterfall Ruffle Curtain ($79): A blackout curtain may be good for the day you don’t have class ’til 11 a.m., but this sheer ruffle panel will help you wake up in style — even for that dreaded 8 a.m. lab.

25. Crosley Solo Radio ($68): Call us old fashioned, but we still love listening to the radio. Hello! You can learn SO MUCH on NPR! But when you’re sick of listening to Ira Glass (NEVER!), this retro-inspired design has an auxiliary plug for you to jam out to your Friday night playlist.

26. The Emily + Meritt Scattered Star Duvet Cover ($89): This duvet cover is the next best thing to sleeping under the stars… which you’re technically still doing.

27. Denim Brazilian Style Hammock Chair ($60): Swings aren’t just for kids anymore. Grab one of those patio stands and hang it up in your room or string it up outside for a napping session.

28. Mint Faux-Leather Seat ($79): Mint and leather are a heavenly combo, especially when they combine for a comfy little pouf.

29. Lucite Desk Curiosity Box ($74): Have we mentioned our affinity for lucite? It’s sleek and the transparency means you’ll never lose a thing.

30. Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand ($75): When you have to get all the way across campus in 10 minutes, a bike is a lifesaver. Use this stand to make sure both you and your roomie can grab and go in a hurry.

31. Heart Pinboard Mirror ($90): Dorm mirrors are not the most flattering. Hang up this cute heart-shaped mirror so you can do your makeup properly and flaunt snaps of your buds.

32. Magical Thinking Pom-Fringe Duvet Cover ($89): White linen always reminds us of hotel luxury. Indulge yourself, while keeping some personality… rainbow pom fringe FTW!

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