This week has been a doozy here at Brit HQ! With the exciting launch of Brit’s Picks, all sorts of awesome photos from our first Brit Co-Op parties, and our very first guest post over on Buzzfeed, we can barely catch our breath. But, we’re not too busy to serve up a Friday morning BritList. Here you go! :)

1. Book Vase: How sweet is this little book vase? It nestles into your bookshelf oh-so-seamlessly.

2. Speaker Blanket: A blanket with speakers? Summer 2013 just got an upgrade.

3. Rothko Nail Decals: Now this is some serious nail art. Etsy seller, IHeartNailArt, creates nail decals based on art, cats, Pacman, and more.

4. Galaxy Sweater: In a galaxy far, far away…

5. Nomadic Furniture: Feel like you’re perpetually hosting out-of-towners? Then you might be just the customer for this innovative trunk of handiness. It stows neatly as a coffee table or side table and expands to create a place to hang, shelves, and a place for shoes. Add this to your convertible furniture collection for sure.

6. Onesie Cupcakes: This isn’t the first time we’ve seen baby onesies in the form of cupcakes, but it might be cutest execution yet.

7. Photographic Swimsuits: This collection of swimsuits by We Are Handsome is photographically inspired, and pretty dang smokin’.

8. Screen Cleaner Shirts: Just how nerdy are you? Would you wear a t-shirt or dress shirt that doubles as a microfiber screen cleaner?

9. DIY Print Shop: It’s a screen printing shop… in a box!

10. Diameters Statement Necklace: This gorgeous necklace is definitely inspiring some DIY hackery here at Brit HQ.

11. Bohemian Guitars: These quirky oil can guitars are inspired by the streets of South Africa. We particularly love the Cat in the Hat guitar.

12. Itch A Skitch: It’s a web-based Etch-a-Sketch! So awesome.

13. FaceSwap: Ok this app is actually kind of hilarious. It makes it easy to swap faces in any photo you want.

14. Stationery by Poketo: We always love heading to Poketo for workspace inspiration. This time, we’re all about notebooks, pens, and other stationery items.

15. Sasquatch 128oz Flask: Last, but most definitely not least, the Sasquatch Flask! So amazing.

Weirdest bonus ever? Babykeeper: Um, WHAT IS THIS?! Possibly the most bizarre baby-related product we’ve ever seen, and not something we would ever endorse. Yikes. This is even more stranger than Comfy Breasts, a recent Kickstarter find.

What’s the coolest, most bizarre, or funniest thing you’ve seen online this week? Share links with us in the comments below.