Between creative selfies, drone photography and our favorite time suck Instagram, humans are obsessed with documenting their lives. Back before digital cameras and social media the Polaroid camera was king and people everywhere were snapping pics and waiting painstakingly as they developed before their eyes. In the advent of digital cameras Polaroid kind of went by the wayside (your one hipster friend probably has one but that’s it).

Today we are happy to announce that your favorite camera is making its triumphant return! With one twist.


Polaroid announced at tech trade show IFA Berlin that they are launching a new camera for the digital age. The Polaroid Snap is a digital camera with the ability to print pictures instantly. The pictures will be 2 by 3 inches and will have an adhesive back so you can stick them anywhere. The camera also has the ability to connect to your computer so you can share the snaps on social media.

As Outkast helpfully reminded us, one of the things about old school Polaroid pics was that it was super fun (if not exactly wise) to shake them in order to get the colors to distribute while developing. The perfect Polaroid shake like the perfect cassette tape pencil wind were ancient skills ’90s kids had to master. This new Polaroid uses “Zero Ink technology” to develop meaning it uses tiny color crystals instead of sticky ink. Basically there’s no shaking at all, much to the chagrin of Andre 3000.


This camera seems totally cool, the only downside is the price point when you take into account how much you likely already pay for a smartphone. The camera will be released later this year but will set you back about 99 big ones. Paper refills for this baby will also cost you, Amazon is selling a set of 50 for $24.99. In an age where you can snap all the pics you want on your phone for zero dollars some might find it hard to justify buying this camera just for the nostalgia/analog factor.

If you are still stoked on an instant camera check out a few of our favorites here. Or if you decided to splurge and get the Polaroid you can say cheese to these cool crafts!

Either way, don’t forget to smile!

What’s your favorite pic on your phone right now? Share it in the comments!

(h/t Mashable, Images via Polaroid)