You’ve successfully snagged the wedding venue of your dreams and now you’re looking for the best way to capture it in all its glory. Consider using a drone. These image-capturing aircrafts are the latest trend in the bridal market and may be just the ticket for scoring cinematic quality aerial footage. While we love the automated ones (like the Lily Drone, which we’ll be seeing more of at Re:Make 2015, btw), it’s best to leave the photography to a professional on your special day. To help get you started, we spoke to Jovan Tanasijevic, founder of Above Summit Aerial Cinematography and Lovely Valentine Wedding Photography for a crash course in drone photography.


1. Drones can be disruptive. Drones are not quiet things. They have propellers and engines, and they make noise. The last thing you’d want is a drone whirring away during the poignant moment when you and your beloved are exchanging vows. Tanasijevic and his crew usually set down their drones during the ceremony to avoid interruptions.Tanasijevic suggests letting both your videographer and your guests know to keep all drones grounded during the important bits.

2. Drone photography is often an add-on photography cost. Lovely Valentine, like a number of other drone wedding photographers, doesn’t offer drone photography/videography as a standalone item. Budget-minded brides will want to take note that adding a drone package could run $800 or more.


3. Not every venue is drone-friendly. Obviously, it’s not safe to fly a drone everywhere. On the no-go list: indoor venues, areas with lots of massive trees, tented weddings and anywhere with overhead wires and too many telephone poles. Also, not all places allow drones. Be sure to consult your venue on their drone policy beforehand.

4. Make sure you have serious time to capture shots. It takes time to grab the beautiful aerial view shots. And you’ve got to be strategic. According to Tanasijevic, “Drones are kind of a spectacle. They will definitely attract attention away from you when they’re flying.” He recommends shooting footage during the cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception when guests are just milling around.


5. Drones can’t fly in bad weather. Yes, they are electronic, and no, they can’t be in water. Jovan tells us that if there is any precipitation on the day of the wedding, your sky-bound wedding photog will be grounded.

6. High winds will keep drones grounded. Another climate concern totally out of your control: drones aren’t safe to fly in high winds. If your operator deems it unsafe, there’s no arguing. After all, the last thing you want is for the wind to knock your flying camera out of the sky and into a wedding guest. That would be very dangerous. Drones should only be used on calm, clear days.


7. Insurance is a good idea. Things can get crazy with a robot in the sky! Drone insurance will cover injuries and damages. Some venues may even make insurance a requirement when using a drone, so it’s a wise idea to investigate.

8. Check beforehand about permits. Certain venues may require permits to operate a drone on the premises. Once again, permits take time and cost you money. Be sure to ask your drone operator before you hire. Additionally, certain cities don’t allow you to fly over private property at all. These are all things you should clarify ahead of time. FYI, national parks never allows drones.

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9. A knowledgeable operator is very important. Just because you can fly a drone doesn’t mean you’ll get footage for the highlight reel of your dreams. Rely on the skills of a a great operator.

10. The possibilities will blow the traditional wedding album out of the water. Nothing compares to the cinematic grandeur of aerial footage. You can capture your entire venue, all your happy guests and maybe even a breathtaking sunset. According to Tanasijevic, “Drones reveal landscapes, spectacular views and give you a much more powerful sense of scale.”

Check out this video provided by Lovely Valentine for some wedding footage inspo:

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(Photos + video via Above Summit + Lovely Valentine Photo + Film)