Whether it’s the hard-hitting bout of nostalgia, the immediate gratification, or the look of the iconic framed print that gets you, there’s an unmatchable joy that comes from shooting photos on an instant camera. Luckily, you don’t have to go rummaging through boxes of your parents laughable old tech to find this totable treasure anymore. Now, you can get your instant camera fix with one of these 10 brand spankin’ new models. Say cheese and get ready to shake it like a…well, you know!

1. Polaroid Socialmatic ($299): We’ll start things off with hot news straight from CES: introducing the Polaroid Socialmatic, a camera that’s bound to be one of the most highly anticipated gadgets of the brand new year. Coming in Fall 2014, this square-shaped digital instant camera lets you share what you snap to all of your online social networks—how cool is that!? The Android-based touchscreen camera is WiFi and Bluetooth compatible so you can upload your heart away, and comes with a plush 4GB of internal storage. It goes without saying—we can’t wait!

2. The Impossible Instant Photo Lab ($299): Sure that’s an act that’s hard to follow, but good news is there’s plenty of mind-blowing advancements in the world of instant photography. So ready for your minds to be blown again? Now you can turn your iPhone photos into Polaroids with this Instant Phone Lab. Just place your iPhone on the top of this collapsable tiered tower, and within seconds, out pops a digital print. You can even optimize your photos with the accompanying app. We seriously need one of these at Brit HQ.

3. FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera ($100): Even though this camera only measures about five inches long and high, this mini point and shoot delivers big time. Not only with features like simple exposure adjustment and automatic flash, but also with a stunning array of pastel finishes.

4. Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70 ($350+): These fully foldable Polaroid SLRs were only printed up until 1977, but are now available to the masses (in a limited edition batch) completely restored and in perfect working condition. So cool! Get yours in a retro-paneled brown, a modern ivory, or futuristic chrome finish while you can.

5. Fuji Instax Wide Instant Camera ($80+): Expand your instant photo canvas with this wide format camera that subs rectangular prints for the trademark square exposures.

6. Polaroid z340 Instant Camera ($199+): Now you can shoot, edit, and print instant photos all in one device. For reals! Polaroid’s first ever forray into digital instant camera hybrids shoots in 14 megapixels and prints on smudge-proof, water and tear-resistant paper that is a bit cheaper to buy than traditional instant film. It’s also compatible with existing SD cards, so you can upload photos from other digital cameras into this all-in-one bad boy.

7. Instax 90 Neo Classic Instant Camera ($199): If you’re looking for tons of control over your instant photos, then this is the instant camera for you. Boasting six shooting modes, including settings for fast-paced action, super close ups, and artsy double exposures, as well as adjustable shutter speed and a tripod mount, this ultra thin Instax camera is the perfect companion for documenting everything from light urban wandering to continent-crossing travels.

8. Diana F+ Instant Camera ($139): Lo-fi photo fans get pumped: the Diana F+ delivers the signature dreamy, soft focus snaps you’ve come to love in instant photo form. Choose between two shutter speeds before you attach your close-up lens and a chunky retro flash that makes you feel like Old Hollywood paparazzi.

9. The Polaroid z2300 ($199+): Polaroid once again merges the world of digital and instant photos in this sleek snapper that shoots editable, 10 megapixel images and prints them onto sticky-back film. You can even shoot video on this rainbow-striped camera!

10. Polaroid One-Step Close-Up Camera by Impossible Project ($180): Look familiar? This one-step camera has all the no fuss specs we loved about our original Polaroid cameras, including that iconic retro design. We couldn’t help but end on a throwback :)

Are you stoked to get back into instant cameras? Or are you over the novelty? Tell us in the comments below.