Instagram really needs no introduction. You know that it is one of the hottest social media platform of all time, and its perfect for checking out sweet #OOTDs (some you can buy directly from the app) but according to a recent study by M by Macys, Macy’s new experimental site, some brands are much, much more popular than others. The site tracks online clout based on hashtag mentions, follower count, etc. These are the brands that were killing it and some insight as to why.


1. @nike: Nike tops the chart with 22.6 million followers and over 40 million hash tag mentions. This account is cool because it mixes in pics of celebrities who endorse Nike (we see you, Serena) and seriously dope photography. This brand also has killer videos that will give you major work out inspo. (via @nike)


2. @adidasoriginals: Follow this brand for hella shoe envy! Adidas Originals has over seven million followers and close to 20 million hash tag mentions and lots of pictures of fab shoes that are as functional as they are fashionable. This account is sprinkled with flawlessly composed shoe photos and some celebrity cameos (like this one of Yeezy at NYFW). (via @adidasoriginals)


3. @louisvuitton: If you’re a fashion buff you should join the six million plus people who already follow this brand. Louis Vuitton’s Insta is wall-to-wall high fashion and celebrity with images of everyone from your BFF Jennifer Lawrence to Joe Jonas (who suddenly got sexy AF) rocking these designs on the red carpet and off. (via @louisvuitton)


4.@dolcegabbana: D&G clocks in at almost six million followers and features some seriously drool-worthy clothing. Yes, you can probably see a lot of the same images in the latest issue of Vogue, but it all looks so pretty, you won’t care. Plus, every now you see a hottie rockin’ a D&G tux — we’re looking at you Bradley Cooper, we’re ALWAYS looking at you. (via @dolcegabbana)


5.@michaelkors: Michael Kors’ Instagram inspires some serious purse envy. MK has five million followers and has had over 8.1 million hashtag mentions as of July 21, 2015. Their aesthetic is chic, playful and always styled to the nines. (via @michaelkors)

What are your fave brands on Instagram? Tell us in the comments!

(h/t M by Macy’s)