Name: Suze Lee

Job/Company: Matchmaker at Three Day Rule

Brief description of what you do in your role: I’m a personal dating concierge for my clients. At TDR we hand select and vet each potential match before we formally introduce them to our clients. Whether it’s coffee meetings, networking/charity events, or even recruiting people at happy hours or on the street, I go out of my way to find the right quality matches for my clients to help them find love.

What are you wearing?
 Top: Rag & Bone

Skirt: Reformation

Moto Jacket: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Chloe Baylee

Initial Identity Necklace: Nashelle

Heart Necklace: Jennifer Jones (and a gift from our CEO)

Rings: Henri Bendel and Urban Outfitters


Why does it make you feel powerful?

I have always been into fashion. I believe whenever you feel good in what you’re wearing then it will come through in your attitude. In this business it’s all about first impressions, your warmth/appeal and if people feel that they can trust you. My look is classy with a downtown vibe. I also love wearing the same necklaces every day—they’re attached to me and I never take them off. I love big bold rings and interchange them with what I wear.

Any advice for dressing when you’re going straight from work to date night?

You always want to look and feel comfortable, sexy, and cute when meeting up for a date. I think in general it’s best to transition well by removing some layers and adding in accessories. Whether it’s a cute pair of heels (if you wear flats to work), some added jewelry (a statement necklace or extra bracelets), a clutch, or even a bold red lip, accessories can help dress up any outfit!

This was originally published on LevoLeague by Erica Murphy, photos via Sam Teich/Levo