Gear up, Buttercups, because this year’s Pride celebrations are gonna be epic. Pride is colorful any year but this year, but in light of last week’s epic SCOTUS decision to legalize gay marriage (YAY!) we have a lot more to be proud of. So to celebrate, we’re here to help you take your Pride attire to the next level. Because while rainbow everything is, well, everyhing, we drew from pop culture and our affinity for puns to create these five costumes sure to bring all the high-fives your way. The best part is, you could probably DIY these looks with things you already have in your home (read: Halloween drawer) to turn you and anyone else in your group into some of the best-dressed peops at Pride. Read on for the LOL-able looks.

The Mother of Drag Queens


Did you rock a Khaleesi costume for Halloween? If you did, you can wear your costume as you normally would but to make it Pride-ready, put on some drag-inspired makeup. We’re talking high eyebrows, killer lips and glitter EVERYWHERE! Here is a great tutorial, but there are tons on Youtube, so even if you opt out of this particular costume, take a second to watch a few of them — they’re fabulous and SO inspiring. (Image via HBO)

Bert and Ernie


Move over Cam and Mitchell, these guys were T.V’s original gay couple. Bert and Ernie have been living together since 1969 and maybe in light of this new legislation they can finally take their relationship to the next level. Get a friend + two sweaters and a turtleneck. The low-impact version of this costume only needs a red and an orange clown nose to complete. The full-on version includes quick paper masks like the ones in this video. Rubber duckies and paperclips are encouraged. (Image via

Harvey Milk and Cookies


Got a lei from your Halloween costume/vacation/sister’s tiki-themed bachelorette party? Combine that with a white t-shirt with the words “I’ll never go back” on it in red (permanent marker/felt letters/iron on — you choose). Add a plate full of fresh-baked or store-bought cookies to hand out and you’re gay rights leader, Harvey Milk and you’re about to be everyone’s best friend when you hand them a cookie. (Image via San Francisco Public Library)

Courtney Love Wins

Courtney Love Performs Live In Sydney

Inspired by last week’s most popular hashtag, #LoveWins, this costume is will let out your inner rock star and is way on-theme. Grab a baby doll dress, blonde wig and smudge your lipstick like there’s no tomorrow. Wear a sign that says “Winning” or go for total lack of subtlety and wear a straight up “#LoveWins” sign. (Image via Mark Metcalfe/Getty)

Lady Gaga


I have been in a committed relationship for a year-and-a-half, but I have never felt more adored than I did the year I dressed up as Lady Gaga for Pride. NEVER! The Lady has long been an advocate of gay rights, so it seems like the best costume to celebrate being born this way. Lucky for you, she has a TON of easy looks to replicate.


Got face paint and a black scarf? You got an Art Pop costume! Mermaid shell bra and a white thong? Boom, you got a Venus costume! Yellow wig and jeweled shop shades? Those are the beginnings of many a red carpet look. A few errant beer cans also make great Telephone inspired hair accessories (though make sure you bring some extra bobby pins with you in case they droop).

Do you get creative with your pride costumes? Share your ideas + outfits with us below!