Beach weddings are so romantic — sunshine, blue waters and beautiful pink and orange sunsets. If you’re the type to tie the knot in laid-back attire, toes in the sand, these 14 beach weddings will provide magical inspiration.

If you are considering a beach wedding, here are some of the pros and cons.


  • The beach provides a beautiful, natural setting and can be a great venue, especially for non-religious ceremonies.
  • A beach wedding can be less expensive than other weddings, considering that you will not be paying a lot for a location fee, which is often a big part of the budget. If you get married on a local public beach, you may have to pay only a small permit fee.
  • You and your guests can wear laid-back attire. You can even go barefoot, if you like.
  • Your wedding will be like a vacation for some of your guests — everyone will be in a relaxed and celebratory mood.
  • Wedding and reception happen in the same place, right on the beach, so you don’t need to book two venues.
  • Beach theme decorations and favors are fun — you can get creative.
  • Your wedding photos will be taken in natural light, so you’ll be gorgeous.


  • The weather may not cooperate. If it rains or gets windy, things can get ugly fast.
  • Having a second location lined up in case of bad weather pretty much negates any cost savings.
  • Your flowers may wilt. You’ll want hardy, tropical flowers or non-floral arrangements.
  • Most beaches have rules. You may need to pay for a permit ahead of time, sometimes up to a year in advance. And some beach rules forbid alcohol and fire — should you be planning to light candles or have a bonfire.
  • There will be strangers on the beach when your wedding is taking place. This is true for public beaches as well as private beaches, even those you obtained a permit for.
  • You can’t control wild life. Seagulls are notorious beggars. If there’s food around, they will try to snatch it up.
  • The tides will dictate the timing of the vows, as well as photo sessions, so look up the tidal charts.

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(Photo via Chloe Murdoch Photography / Style Me Pretty)