Yes, there maybe a shortage of pumpkins this year, but never fear. The pumpkin industry has assured us that there will be enough of our fave orange gourds to last us through this fall season. After all, it simply wouldn’t be Halloween without jack-o’-lanterns. For a super fun, family-friendly or group hangout DIY session, we’ve rounded up a master list of some of the best pumpkin carving printables available. Perhaps one of these will inspire your creepily creative pumpkin creation. Can’t you just imagine matching Bey and Jay jack-o’-lanterns lighting up your front step and greeting trick-or-treaters this holiday? Amaze.


1. Emoji Dancing Girls: This dancing girls emoji stencil is totally pop culture-approved. What better way to celebrate Halloween? (via PopSugar)


2. Trick or Treat Classic: This stencil sends a pretty clear message on what you’re open for this Halloween. Plus, it’s pretty too. (via Better Homes and Gardens)


3. Spell It Out: Spell it out with the easy-to-make jack-o-lanterns. Put whatever Halloween-related (or not) word you want on them. (via


4. Grand Budapest’s Zero Stencil: This Grand Budapest Hotel‘s Zero stencil is all kinds of amazing. It’d be even better if you and your #squad dressed up in a group costume as the characters. (via Think Geek)


5. EKG + Heart Pumpkin: This EKG jack o’lantern pattern is perfect for anyone in the medical profession… or just anyone who has a heart. (via Chamberlain College)


6. Creepy Anatomy Lanterns: These skin-crawling anatomy pumpkins are exactly what your Halloween (+ front porch) needs. (via Brit + Co)


7. Adorable Lucky Cat: This Asian lucky cat carving isn’t just cool — it brings good fortune. Also, guaranteed no one else is going to have this design on a pumpkin in your neighborhood. (via Think Geek)


8. Punny Math Jack-O’-Lantern: Some of us may be more mathematically inclined than others, but everyone loves a good pun. Pumpkin Pi. Get it? Get it? Like, pumpkin pie? (via DIY Network)


9. Homer Simpson: This Homer Simpson is not a couch gag. Pro tip: Make sure you scoop out the inside of the pumpkin really well so it’s easy to carve the thinner lines. (via Flickr)


10. Apple Logo: This simple Apple stencil conveys your love of tech perfectly. iPhone 6S, anyone? (via Creative Types)


11. Mary Poppins: This pattern is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Plus, it’s a quick one to pull off. Just draw and carve. (via Disney Family)


12. Minions Stencil: This Minion carving might take a little more practice, but it’s definitely worth it. It’s despicably adorable. (via SheKnows)


13. Wreck-It Ralph: This Wreck-It Ralph pumpkin-carving template is simply smashing. (But not pumpkin smashing, hopefully.) (via Disney Family)


14. Creepy Grin Jack-O’-Lantern: This ghoulishly creepy grin is a perfect twist on the classic jack-o-lantern and perfect for spooking trick-or-treaters. (via Buzzbee)


15. Tweety Bird: This Loony Tunes Tweety Bird pattern is going to make you miss Saturday morning cartoons. (via Blake Anderson)


16. Unicorn + Moon: Keep it magical this holiday. (via Aukuinnen24)


17. Witchy Pumpkin Stencil: Get into the spooking mood with this classic witch stencil. Plus, it’s great for pumpkin-carving novices. *Cackle* (via DIY Network)


18. My Little Pony Pattern: This one requires the carve-by-color technique, but it’s so boss. Plus, this pattern makes us super nostalgic. (via Derpiboo)


19. Cute Emoji Ghost: This adorable ghost emoji is anything but spooky, but definitely holiday appropriate. It’s also instantly recognizable for anyone with a smartphone. (via PopSugar)


20. My Neighbor Totoro: Studio Ghibli fans, rejoice! This Totoro stencil is the one you’ve been waiting for. We can totally picture this one next to a jack-o’-lantern of the Cat Bus. (via Bibliokept)


21. Facebook Thumbs Up: We spend so much time on social media these days, this thumbs up stencil was inevitable. We get the feeling you’ll like this Facebook-inspired pumpkin stencil. (via Better Homes and Gardens)


22. Simple + Classic Fall Leaves: These autumn leaves are simple to carve, yet so seasonal. This easy pattern is great for decorating any pumpkins that need a little extra something. (via Southern Living)


23. Walt Disney Logo: Calling all Disney lovers — show your love with this pumpkin carving. For an extra challenge, carve your fave characters. (via BuzzFeed)


24. Easy + Spooky Ghost: This easy ghost template is perfectly spooky, and for beginners! Tip: Try tracing your pattern with a sharpie before you carve. (via Southern Living)


25. Seahorse + Coastal Stencil: Beach time might have come to a close for most of us, but you can re-live summer days with this ocean life-inspired stencil. (via Pumpkin Lady)


26. Badass Ron Swanson: If you’ve been missing Leslie Knope and her crew, this Ron Swanson stencil is what you need in your life. Every Parks and Rec-lover will thank you. (via BuzzFeed)


27. Charlie Brown: This smiley Charlie Brown stencil is a perfect throwback for every Peanuts lover out there. Plus: carve the entire gang. (via Redtri)


28. Awesome Batman Signal: Everyone loves a superhero. This bat symbol calls the Dark Knight, and it definitely belongs on your pumpkin. (via Osinprih)


29. Chic Ginkgo Leaves: This pattern requires learning the carve-by-color technique and some special tools, but the end result is so worth it.(via Martha Stewart)


30. Delicious Pizza Stencil: This pizza stencil makes sense because pizza = bae. Now go slap this on a pumpkin. (via BuzzFeed)


31. Scary Skull Stencil: This devious-looking skull is a bit advanced (especially with all those teeth), but the final effect is so bone-chilling. (via Celebrating Halloween)


32. Crafty + Abstract Owl: This whimsical owl stencil seriously ups your jack-o-lantern game. Prepare for the whole block to be jealous. (via Better Homes and Gardens)


33. Truly Terrifying Message Pumpkin: Put a message on your pumpkin — a truly terrifying message. *Chills* (via Megan MacKay)


34. Adorable + Simple Bow: This bow pattern is sweet, simple and definitely unexpected on a jack-o-lantern. Carve a whole stripe of these into a large gourd for an extra awesome look. (via Clip Art Panda)


35. Jay-Z “HOVA” Pumpkin: You got 99 problems, but a pumpkin stencil ain’t one. You’re missing this Jay-Z stencil courtesy of TMZ in your life. (via TMZ)


36. Beyoncé “Queen Bey” Pumpkin: At the same time, there’s no better way to pay homage to Queen Bey than a pumpkin with her face on it. How else can you call yourself part of the Beyhive? (via TMZ)


37. Happy Poop Emoji: This emoji stencil is sure to get some laughs. Potty humor… always kinda funny, no matter how old you are. (via PopSugar)


38. Toy Story Alien: Like seriously, how cute is this Toy Story alien-inspired pumpkin? You can attach the ears using toothpicks. You need this pattern to win your pumpkin-carving contest. (via Disney Family)


39. Dr. Who’s Cybermen: This Dr. Who Cyberman stencil is Halloween geek at its absolute best. Get carving. (via PopSugar)


40. Wonder Woman Stencil: This Wonder Woman carving is absolutely badass and so #girlboss.(via Pink Ray Gun)

Do you have a cool jack-o’-lantern you’d like to share? Show us in the comments below!