Feel that crispness in the air? That’s the beginning of fall… and, as we all know, the beginning of Pumpkin Spice Latte season at Starbucks. We’ve been loving all the pumpkin updates lately, especially the major news that Starbucks has decided to put real pumpkin into their drinks — finally! But as it turns out, that’s not all the news that Starbucks is dishing out.


Starbucks Japan is taking that pumpkin love to a new level with their latest sandwich. Available only in Japan, this kabocha (a Japanese pumpkin) sandwich comes on barley bread with lettuce, tomato, almonds, honey, soy and cream cheese, which actually sounds pretty delicious to us. Kabocha is a pretty popular ingredient in Japanese cooking, and there isn’t any “spice” involved in the sandwich, so we’re not sure whether this falls under the PSL trend or not. Either way, we’re digging this vegetarian option.


Prefer to stick to your beloved PSL? Have no fear — if you find yourself in Japan and in need of a quick caffeine pick-me-up, they offer single servings of the popular drink at convenience stores. You can actually buy them by the case. If you ask us, we think this pumpkin sammie is a *much* better idea than the pumpkin burger that Burger King debuted in Japan a few years ago. Long live the PSL!

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(Photos via Starbucks Japan)