Contrary to popular belief, fall is a time of new beginnings — and what better way to start this season fresh than with a hair change? Whether it’s a new cut, style or color, there’s something about crisper weather and nubby knits that make us want to go big or go home when it comes to our tresses. So if you’re thinking of hopping on the fall hair trend bandwagon, maybe it’s time to consider a dramatic hue that always reigns supreme. That’s right — we’re talking about purple hair. From light lavender to rich plums, purple is having a moment. Here are 15 purple ‘dos to get you excited for fall hair.

1. Electric Violet: Time for a huge change? Why not chop it all off and go for a vibrant, electric violet pixie? Less hair to style and more room to shine for all of your necklaces and earrings.

2. Multi-Hued Coils: We’ve all heard the saying: The bigger the hair, the harder they stare. Give them something fantastic to look at with curls in varying shades of purple. Every glance in the mirror will be mesmerizing.

3. Purple Ombre: Switch it up with an ombre that flows from royal purple to the palest of pinks. This look is just as amazing loose and wavy as it is in an ultra-high ponytail.

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4. Deep Violet Under Color: Give them just a hint of plum with an under color that peeks out whenever you give a flirty hair flip. Get the best of both worlds when you style this color in an anything-but-ordinary updo.

5. Frosty Purple: This frosty lavender ‘do is the stuff of unicorn dreams. Icy white locks provide the perfect contrast to bright purple highlights in a casual half-up braid. This is how you upgrade lazy-girl hair!

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6. Fuchsia Waves: Fall is all about deeper hues of burgundy, blue and, of course, purple. Though we love autumnal tones, sometimes you want a jolt of saturated color to usher in the new season. Opt for something a little brighter on the spectrum with this lively tone of fuchsia.

7. Deep Purple: These dark grape locks are sheer perfection. The hue is so luxurious, with just the right mix of brunette hair peeking through. Talk about next-level hair mastery.

8. Acid Bright Curls: When it comes to color, you should never be afraid to make a statement. And nothing says statement-making style quite like acid bright purple ringlets that are as stunning as they are voluminous. You too can cop this style with some time and the right colorist.

9. Two Tone Purple: This style is giving us major Harley Quinn vibes with the double dose of color. Just remember — when you’re over one shade, just part your hair differently to let the other hue dominate.

10. Lilac: Channel your inner Mother of Dragons with this pale lilac hair that is the perfect match for a long, flowing thick braid. Is it just us, or do braids in autumn just feel so right?

11. Purple Lob: How awesome is this chin-length purple ‘do? From the soft curls to the subtle gradient, this shorter style is major hair goals.

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12. Smokey Lavender: While the clothes, leaves and sky get darker with the changing season, your hair doesn’t have to. Go for a smokey lavender highlighted with an iridescent blue to bring to mind fall sunsets.

13. Bowl Cut With an Edge: This cut and color job is oh-so perfect for fall. Capture all the hues of the changing leaves — plus a hint of purple — in a cut that is beyond edgy.

14. Razor-Sharp Lob: The only thing sharper than the cut of this lob is the vivid violet hue. It’s perfect for transitioning to your darker (read: all-black-everything) wardrobe.

15. Fall Rainbow: Go full-on autumn with your highlights by adding all the colors of the season, plus a dash of the royal color for good measure. Leave your roots as-is for a subtler effect.

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