Most days, practically living out of our purses is a reality. From work and hitting up the gym to staying connected to family and friends, we’re always jetting off from one place to another. Keep feelin’ like a million bucks on your busiest days by keeping your essentials on hand. We’re sharing 12 must-haves to fill your on-the-go bag.


1. Knotty Gal Skinny and Rich Bracelet ($45): You never know when you’re gonna need to take your daytime look into the night. Slip on this sophisticated bracelet (it’s stretchy) to add a little bling to your outfit. It’s the perfect backup piece to keep in your bag.


2. Fox and Doll Volumizing Hair Powder and Dry Shampoo ($5): Sometimes you need to run out of the house at the speed of light (think: late for a meeting or a coffee with a cute online date) and you simply don’t have time to wash your hair. This travel-sized dry shampoo is a lifesaver.


3. Happy Plugs Earbuds in Gold ($29): When you’re on the go — whether you’re just headed down the street for a latte or are moving through your daily commute on the train — catchy tunes, and killer headphones by proxy, are essential. These golden beauties are about as baller as they get.


4. Hello Soap French Macaron Lip Balm ($6): Whether it’s the depths of a windy winter or the glorious rays of summer that have your lips screaming for moisture, this yummy macaron-flavored lip balm will soothe them in a second. It’s so delicious that you’ll find yourself looking for excuses to put it on.


5. Pinrose Ballroom Philosopher Eau de Parfum ($50): If you’re leaving the gym or need a little boost of scent before a dinner date, this pint-sized roll-on perfume is the perfect bag-ready candidate that will keep you smelling swell on the go.


6. Zerouv Aviator Mirror Lens Sunglasses ($10): Even on the grayest of days, you never know when the sun is going to make a surprise afternoon appearance. Be prepared to block those rays and look fly by stashing these aviators in your bag.


7. Laurelwood Home Gentile Hair Ties ($9): We’ve all been there: You craft a gorgeous hairstyle in the morning, and through some unfortunate combination of weather and activity, it falls flat. When bad hair strikes, pull one of these pretty little hair ties out of your bag, pull your locks into a top knot and move on in style!


8. Power Trip Car Charger and Wall Plug ($32): Nothing can bring you down quite like a dead phone. Keep the dead-device blues at bay with this cute and travel-friendly car and wall charger combo.


9. Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($30): If you can’t be bothered to find a place to plug in a charger, this complete and compact mobile charger is for you. It’ll charge your smartphone right up and look pretty in the process.


10. Habit Tabou Nail Polish ($18): You never know when a chipped nail will strike, so keep some backup polish in your bag. Even if it doesn’t match your current color, with a crafty swipe of this red hue, you can pull off some killer color-blocked touch-ups.


11. Printed Village Turquoise Happi Hat ($18): Whether it’s an unpredictable cold front or unforecasted rain cloud, stowing a backup hat in your purse is simply essential for keeping the heat in and your locks dry. The geometric pattern of this knitted beaut’ will make you excited to pull it out.


12. KeySmart Key Organizer 2.0 ($20): Carrying a giant jangling keychain full of a wild disarray of keys is a major pain. This smart little guy will keep them all in order and save you precious bag space as well. Win-win!

What’s a must-have in your bag? ‘Gram it to us @britandco!

12 mini essentials to keep in your purse.