While we love all the new and different toys showing up on the market for kids, nothing is as timeless and universally entertaining as a dollhouse. But what happens when a modern parent with a well-designed house starts hops on the kid train? A coffee table that doubles as a dollhouse, of course.

Created by Amy Whitworth Design in London, the Qubis Haus is a beautiful piece of living furniture that takes the multifunctional furniture trend to a whimsical place without feeling overly kitschy.

Each table is made of solid birch ply wood and includes sliding panels, enabling the “designer” to create different floor plans and layouts. We’re guessing parents will have just as much fun with this as kids. We can hear the conversations now: “Billy, I told you the miniature Eames chair belongs in the study!” “But what about the mini Pendleton blankets?”

At $630, the Coffee Table isn’t a totally crazy investment, especially considering how seamlessly adults and kids can coexist in a given space.

Qubis also has a Side Table Dollhouse ($528) that works as a small coffee table, side table, or bedside table. The grooves allow you to slide in different panels to create rooms and are also outfitted for an iPad!

We love the look of this Table and Chair Combo ($505)! You can get it on wheels with casters or any other leg you like. You can even get your little darling’s name engraved in the back.

What do you think about the Qubis Haus? Too hipster? Awesome? Impractical? Brilliant?! Talk to us in the comments below.