There have been a lot of rainbow-colored things to celebrate this week, so with that in mind—and just because we’re a touch color-obsessed here at Brit HQ—we give you these brightly colored foods. All it takes is a little bit of food coloring to transform everything from pasta and deviled eggs to cakes, cookies, and every baked good imaginable into a ROYGBIV version. For the brightest colors choose a gel food coloring. They are much more concentrated. These recipes give a whole new meaning to the tag line “Taste the Rainbow.”

Rainbow Spaghetti

1. Easy Rainbow Pasta Recipe: Dinnertime will never be the same after you try this brightly colored pasta. The best part: you don’t have to make pasta from scratch; you can color your favorite brand from the grocery store. (via Quick Dish by Tablespoon)

Double Rainbow Cake

2. Double Rainbow Cake: What’s better than one rainbow on your cake? Two of course. This is one of our favorite layer cakes complete with an array of candies on the outside. (via Brit + Co)

Rainbow Slice and Bake Cookies

3. Rainbow Slice and Bake Cookies: The best way to get these vibrant colors in your cookie dough? Gel food coloring. It’s more concentrated than the liquid. (via Good Life Eats)

Food Coloring Painted Ice Cream

4. Painting on Ice Cream: One of the easiest ways to color you food is to start with the blank canvas of vanilla ice cream. Add a couple of drops of your favorite colors (and some hot fudge), and you’ve got a rainbow swirled dessert. (via Tinkerlab)

Cupcake Poppers

5. Cupcake Poppers: Think of these like mini whoopie pies in bright neon colors. They’re the cake-y version of French macarons. (via Betty Crocker)

Color Wheel Cake

6. Color Wheel Cake: Using a divided pan like the one use to make this cake helps prevent you from swirling your colors. Unless of course that’s the look you’re going for. (via Brit + Co)

Rainbow Ice Cubes

7. Rainbow Ice Cubes: Make your water, lemonade, or margaritas on the rocks much more exciting with these simple colored ice cubes. (via Mod Memento)

Rainbow Rice Krispies

8. Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats: Making marshmallow treats with colorful cereals isn’t the only way to make add a few new hues. The trick here is to add the food coloring to the melted marshmallows. (via Raspberri Cupcakes)

Independence Day Cake

9. Ombre Independence Day Cake: We can’t think of a sweeter way to celebrate our nation’s birthday. (via Brit + C0)

Rainbow Cake In Jars

10. Super Duper Rainbow Cakes in Jars: Make sure everyone can taste the rainbow with these individual serving size cakes. (via Off the (Meat) Hook)

Rainbow Bread

11. Rainbow Bread: Don’t let the sweets have all the colorful fun. Find out how to make a rainbow in a loaf of homemade sandwich bread. (via Flour on Her Nose)

Pastel Meringues

12. Colorful Meringues: Add these airy, pastel cookies to your next afternoon tea—they will change tea time forever.(via Hosting Essence)

Chocolate Covered Oreos

13. Chocolate Dipped Oreos: We’ve got a thing for Oreos at Brit HQ. And you can bet that we’ll be adding these rainbow-colored, chocolate-covered versions to our next party. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

Rainbow Popsicles

14. Rainbow Popsicles: Start with different flavored juices to make these layered pops, but add a few drops of food coloring to make each layer really, well, pop. (via Babble)

Rainbow Donuts

15. Mini Rainbow Vanilla Bean Donuts: These tiny sweet treats remind us of life preservers, but a much more delicious version. (via Just Baked)

Rainbow Pancakes

16. Rainbow Pancakes: You just can’t order a short stack when these ROYGBIV flapjacks are on the menu. It’s important to tase the whole spectrum, after all. (via I am Baker)

Dip Dye Cookies

17. Dip-Dye Cookies: Go for a minimalist approach to brightly colored baking by color-blocking your favorite homemade (or store-bought, we won’t tell) cookies with bright icing. (via Brit + Co)

Rainbow Cheesecake

18. Rainbow Cheesecake: It’s the creamiest, most decadent way to add some color to your diet. (via Thoughts of Scrapbooking)

Colorful Cutout Cookies

19. Ridiculously Colorful Spring Cookies: The few extra minutes it takes to swap the cut-out centers of these sugar cookies makes all the difference in the presentation. (via Brit + Co)

Pastel Deviled Eggs

20. Pastel Deviled Eggs: No it’s not Easter, but you can still dye eggs. This time, take the shells off first! The whites of the eggs will turn an awesome pastel shade. (via The Little Kitchen)

Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies

21.Rainbow Pinwheel Sugar Cookies: If psychedelic is more your style, go for these swirled sugar cookies decorated with neon food coloring. (via Tablespoon)

Blue Velvet Layer Cake

22. Blue Velvet Cake: Red velvet? That’s so last year. This summer it’s all about the blue velvet. (via Add a Pinch)

Neon Pink Texas Peanut Patties

23. Neon Pink Texas Peanut Patties: These peanut candies are in our favorite shade of neon pink. We’ll try two. (via Dessert for Two)

Rainbow Swirl Cake

24. Rainbow Swirl Cake: Throwing a tie-dye themed party? This is the cake for you. (via In Katarina’s Kitchen)

Food Network Magazine Frosting Chart

25. Frost by Numbers: Originally a feature in Food Network magazine, this handy chart is one you’re going to want to bookmark. It gives you the food coloring recipe for each frosting color . (via The Food Network)

And for proof that adding food coloring isn’t just another way of playing with your food, check out Henry Hargreaves rainbow colored food fine art project.

What’s your favorite food to make a rainbow version of? Will you be making any to celebrate pride this weekend? Tell us in the comments!