Hidden rainbow hair swept our social feeds last fall, but it meant that you needed hair of a certain length to pull off. What about folks with short hair? Two words: rainbow roots. If you鈥檙e not sure where to start, click to Australian salon Blondies of Melbourne鈥榮 Instagram page; the stylists are showing how they鈥檙e helping clients fulfill their Lisa Frank dreams.

The look begins with bleaching the roots.

Then the stylist mixes ROYGBIV colors and applies them in one-inch sections in the roots.

As with any dye job, after the color is done processing, it has to be washed clean. As you can see, when the hair is wet, the shades are very dramatic.

So, here鈥檚 where you are going to lose your mind. After hours of work, from the front, it looks like nothing has been done. But no! In the video below, you can see the rainbow roots once she runs her hands through her hair.

And the style is even more ~*magical*~ when it鈥檚 braided, exposing roots that Rainbow Brite would be proud of.

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(h/t Refinery29; Photo via Brit + Co)