You know how we’re always touting around new ways to turn your Instagram photos into real-life objects and prints? Well, how about going backwards and turning the entire Instagram app into a real-life street art installation?

Artist Bruno Ribeiro has taken it upon himself to adorn the streets of London with a pretty thought-provoking and highly topical series, entitled Real-Life Instagram. He created an analog version of the app made of cardboard and different shades of cellophane (read: filters!) and has been sticking it to posts or walls all over London to frame famous landmarks, unusual views, and even other pieces of street art!

And guess what people did when they started seeing his pieces? Took out their phones so they could post it on Instagram. What! Yes — it’s InstaInstagram.

As the artist told Fast Company, he’s not anti-Instagram. He loves the fact that it has brought photography to everyone’s daily lives and has made people “more observant of details — things we haven’t seen before.” But, he also criticizes how Instagram is yet another way we are tethered to our phones. Every experience must immediately be Instagrammed, or it’s like it never happened. Of course, that’s not true at all but it is definitely a common mentality, even if it’s subconscious.

The project aims to help people to take a moment to notice things as they pass by. He’s put up 30 frames so far, choosing places he would post on Instagram if only he had his iPhone ;)

All in all, we think this is an awesome project! It’s such a cool way of seeing an app come to life, quite literally.

What do you think of this project? Do you use in Instagram on a daily basis? Talk to us in the comments below.