Other than taking over the box office earlier this summer with Pitch Perfect 2, Rebel Wilson has been busy traveling the globe promoting the comedy-musical sequel about the Barden Bellas. With globetrotting comes indulging in different cuisines in every country, but Torrid’s fall collab gal is staying strong and not indulging in anything and everything like we would. Why would she do that to herself, you ask? As she shared on Twitter July 1 she’s “Starting a ‘no sugar’ challenge.” Good on you, mate.

rebel wilson

Since announcing that challenge, the Aussie actress has been sharing the triumphs and struggles it entails. On July 5 she clarified the food-based test is a no-refined-sugar one, and that going to see Magic Mike XXL made her think of Skittles, but she resisted. You go, girl! We didn’t have the same luck avoiding sweets after our screening ;) Then on July 19 the funny lady made some sugar-related puns by sharing a photo holding a falcon in Dubai with the caption, “No sugar today but plenty of desert.”

rebel wilson

After staying strong on her no-sugar challenge for 20 days, Rebel shared that she lost the challenge by succumbing to “ice cream and Mars Bar” due to a scary taxi ride. But she vowed she’s back on the wagon, so to help her keep the sugar-free vibes going we found six recipes the actress (and others participating in their own no-sugar challenge) are sure to love.


1. Creamy Avocado Green Tea Popsicles: We’re in the middle of summer — aka the hottest part of the year — so naturally we need all the frozen treats we can get our hands on to stay cool. Try out these avocado-based + coconut milk, vanilla extract, matcha powder and agave nectar-accented popsicles to get all the ice-cold sweetness without the sugar rush. (via Munchin With Munchkin)


2. No-Bake Tiramisu Cookies: We love a no-bake recipe. Really, who doesn’t? Not only is this soft + chewy recipe easy to make, but it’s mega healthy (gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free) and tasty. These are what you should be exclusively filling your cookie jar with from now on. (via The Big Man’s World)


3. Espresso Walnut Brownies: Just because a dessert is sugar-, gluten- and dairy-free doesn’t mean it’s lacking richness, moistness and flavor. These five-minute creations prove that. Mix together some raw walnuts, unsalted almonds, dates, raw cacao and espresso powder and you’ll be feeling re-energized and full without those post-sugar-indulgence feels. (via Minimalist Baker)


4. Peach Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie: Pit and chop up a peach, throw in some blueberries, add almond or coconut milk, some oats and ice and you’ve got a delicious and refreshing breakfast, lunch or brunch sugar-free smoothie. Who needs a milkshake anyway? (via Blahnik Baker)


5. Plum Butter: Step aside, cashew + apple butter; this spread is what you need in your life as a super healthy alternative. Puree some plums, zest a little orange, stir in vanilla extract, cinnamon, allspice and honey and then boil the concoction to create a flavorful bread topper. (via Savory Simple)


6. Vegan Baked Chia Power Donuts: Yep, donuts can be healthy. Or at least not as bad of an indulgence as a typical glazed one is. With this chia version, topped with a cashew cream, you’ll be craving a baker’s dozen for yourself. (via The Yooper Girl)

Will you be recreating any of these sugar-free recipes? Let us know which ones in the comments.

(Photos via @rebelwilson + @rebelwilson)