Of course one of the most classic beauty looks has to be one of the hardest to master! We’re talking about the bold, yet totally timeless red lip. And seeing as red is the hue of choice this month (hello Valentine’s Day!) we think there’s no better time than now to learn how to nail the look. We gave you the skinny on how to apply it step by step (first thing in this roundup), so now it’s time to learn what shade looks best on you! It doesn’t need to be so tricky: we broke it down by skin tone—fair, medium, and dark—so you can easily find the red lip that looks most righteous on you!

1. Coral-Poppy Lip: This peachy red pops against porcelain skin. Can you think of a more perfect party lip? (via Beautylish)

2. Matte Red Orange: Cool reds looks best on fair skinned babes—that means reds with an orangey undertone like this matte version Keiko Lynn is rocking. Her blog is great for red lip-spiration. (via Kieko Lynn)

3. Fiery Red: Taylor Swift knows: if you’ve got light skin, the red-hot lip is the bold way to go. We, of course, agree. (via Refinery29)

4. Pink Undertones: The yellow undertones of beige and tan skin get a fresh boost from reds with a pinky hue. (via Refinery29)

5. True Red: Lucky you, olive bombshell, basically any shade of red looks epic with your skin. Rock a true red like ya just don’t care. (via Inside Out)

6. Cranberry Lip: The dark red lip sees an awful lot of daytime lately, and if you’re going for this fierce look, opt for a rich cranberry shade. (via Beautylish)

7. Berry Red: Remember dark skinned ladies, berry reds are your best friend. This shade of blackberry is our top pick. (via Refinery29)

8. Figgy Jam: This jammy, fig-colored lipstick looks absolutely radiant on caramel skin. Take note: it’s a great everyday option. (via Refinery29)

9. Cool Red: This is the ultimate red-carpet lip if you’ve got rich brown skin. Go for a warm red for a head-turning pop of color. (via A Stylish Little Lady)

Do you rock a red lip everyday? Have any beauty tips for us? Tell us about ’em in the comments below!