Emma Watson, Lena Dunham and Anna Kendrick need your help. Yes, they may be wildly talented, uber rich superstars, but they need our help sometimes too. That’s why they’ve put together a video with a heck of a lot of their Hollywood pals in order to ask for it. While we’re used to seeing delightful vids of celebs each snipping off a line or two (perhaps even just a word or two) in a compilation of clips edited together to let us in on their latest good cause, you may want to prep yourself, because this IS yet ISN’T one of those videos.

Emma Watson

The vid tweeted by Emma Watson is described as the “best comedy sketch we could make, about the best Live FUN-raising TV Special we could produce, with the greatest stars we could find, saying as many words as we could fit in.” Okie dokie. Kristen Bell, Ellen DeGeneres, Zac Efron and Chloë Grace Moretz all make appearances, along with Liam Neeson, Tracey Morgan and Will Ferrell, who acts really, well, Will Ferrell-like.

Anna Kendrick

All in support of Red Nose Day (May 26th), the idea is to raise funds for initiatives like providing meals for children living in homeless shelters, purchasing antibiotics to treat children with pneumonia and providing anti-malarial nets to protect mothers and their babies, among other awesome goals.

Check out the video to put a smile on your face and hear all about the reason behind these celebs’ plea for help.

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(h/t Marie Claire, photos via Mike Coppola, Jason Merritt/Getty)