There are two types of people in the world. There are people like me, who live the granny lifestyle and pull out the old timey board games on the regs (because I’m hip like that.) Then there are people like my 65-year-old dad, who only rock Candy Crush and Wii everything. Either way, gaming is a way of life. And if you’re like my dad (minus the age maybe), make use of those untouched board games by repurposing them in ways you never imagine. If you’re like me, it’s about time we paid tribute to an excellent form of entertainment by creating a shrine to them. Game on.

1. Vintage Kitchen Decor: First up? That shrine we were just talking about. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

2. Monopoly Keepsake Box: Let us guess. The wheelbarrow and top hat went missing long ago, and the Community Chest cards have found new homes under the bed, inbetween cushions… we mean, who really knows. Rather than just trashing your Monopoly board, make a keepsake box. It’ll stop you from misplacing anything else in your life. (via Planet Forward)

3. Chess Piece Bottle Stopper ($20): Sick of searching for that inner Bobby Fischer? Don’t stick the kings and queens in the corner, give them a new and more purposeful life – the crowning jewels of your half-imbibed wine bottles.

4. Bingo Coasters ($24): B52? B52? We love Bingo as much as your grandma’s purple-haired, chain-smoking BFF named Ruby. Plus, drinking and Bingo just go hand in hand, meaning it makes sense to repurpose cards as coasters.

5. Scrabble Photo Frame: Scrabble tiles have been repurposed like whoa in the past few years, everything from jewelry (necklaces, earrings) to weddings (invites, general cutesy-ness). Now the board is getting in on the action as a photo frame for the nerdy wordsmiths in your life. (via Photo Jojo)

6. Dragon o’ Clock: Time is ticking. This could be on your wall in a few hours. Get on it ASAP. (via Light + Spoon)

7. Mancala Jewelry Holder: Basically, you do nothing here. Mancala was actually meant to hold your diamonds and pearls. (via Bits and Pieces of the Better Life)

8. Carrom Coat Rack: We’ve never been introduced to the game, but that’s okay with us. In our mind, it was a coat rack all along. (via Junk Market Style)

9. Shuffleboard Credenza: Brooklyn-based decor team, Nightwood, is all about repurposing reclaimed pieces of wood and fabrics. And we think this particular piece is really puck-ing awesome. (via Nightwood)

10. Scrabble Bowtie ($26): Well, hi to you too.

11. Clue Magnets ($95): Professor Plum. With the lead pipe. On your refrigerator. You better believe these cunning magnets got game.

12. Jenga Necklace Rack: Jenga! Necklace rack! (via Brit + Co.)

13. Marble Necklace: We’re losing our marbles over it. We think bouncy balls could do the trick as well. Plus, it’s fun to say “bouncy balls.” (via Let it Be)

14. Vintage Game Wall Gallery: Another excuse to go the flea market. This time, we’re on the hunt for vintage games, which we’re taking home to create a sort of vintage game museum on our wall. It will impress the pants off of you when you come over to see it. (via The Boo and The Boy)

15. Jenga Keyring: If your days of drinking Jenga have gone the way of you hitting a beer bong, repurpose those once drunkenly loved pieces by making key rings for all of your old boozing buddies. (via Sarah Ortega)

16. Card Globe: Kevin Spacey is your jam and you took House of Cards to heart. Now, you literally want to live in one. Start here with a orb light made from diamonds, hearts, and aces. (via ReFab Diaries)

17. Chinese Checkers Stool: We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again. Chinese Checkers is the prettiest game EVER. (via Dishfunctional Designs)

18. Letter Magnets: And finally, yet another Scrabble remix. (via Brit + Co.)

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