Last week's exploration into all things Scrabble got us to thinking: What cool DIY projects can you create with old Scrabble tiles? Perhaps you have an old incomplete set and had to order a new one, or you're just a serious word nerd and are up for ordering a whole bucketload of wholesale Scrabble tiles to get your craft on. Either way, you'll love these fun and easy ways to reuse Scrabble tiles.

Naturally, we centered our projects around party time! We'll show you how to create a Scrabble-themed place setting perfect for dinner parties, weddings, and the utlimate game night. Plus, we've got a few handy Scrabbletastic tools for pinning up event invitations and party photos around the house.


– Scrabble tiles (available wholesale)

– Scrabble trays (or DIY with dowels)

Beacon multi-grip glue

magnet dots

thumb tacks

– napkin rings

– cork or bamboo coasters

We'll start with napkin rings. These are a cute decor item for dinner parties or as a favor for wedding guests. Use random letters or create a whole alphabet and use your guests' first initials to dictate which letters go on which place setting.

We use wooden napkin rings that we found at Bed Bath and Beyond. You can also check out Target or any dollar store to see what you can find.

Place a bit of glue on the back of your tile, press onto the napkin ring, let dry, and you're done.

Next up, Scrabble push pins!

Grab a pack of thumbtacks, your handy glue, and you know the rest. Place a spot of glue on the thumbtack, press firmly onto the tile, let dry, and done.

Here we use the tiles to welcome guests to snap instant photos to place in the party guestbook.

Now, onto coasters. We recommend using cheap cork coasters or bamboo ones. We found a pack of bamboo ones that had been slightly discolored and got to work.

Lay out your tiles on a piece of paper and create a template that's the correct size for your coasters. Cut coasters to size – they should be just a touch smaller than the dimensions of your tiles.

Glue tiles onto the coaster, and drink up!

For table markers, the how-to couldn't be easier.

Label your tables with the letters of the alphabet, glue the table names to good old Scrabble trays, and that's it. And the gluing is definitely optional. A little double stick tape would do if you're using them for one night only.

Lastly, magnets! These take a cue from our adorable pine cone magnets and couldn't be simpler.

Glue each tile to a magnet, and voila!

Be sure to let the glue dry completely before using them. And hot glue will not stay!

These are great for displaying invitations and save the dates for weddings in the future.

And for reliving the tipsy photo booth shots from weddings past.

All of these would be great presents for fellow Scrabble lovers, parents and kids alike.

What other game pieces would you like to see repurposed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter and we'll add them to the list!