The buzz hasn’t stopped since Taylor Swift dropped her long-awaited single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” late last night. (The music video will premiere during this weekend’s VMAs, which are being hosted by Katy Perry.) And while fans’ were BEYOND excited, the ultimate outpouring of adoration came from Right Said Fred, the band behind the hit “I’m Too Sexy,” which Swift used in her new song.

“Thank you @taylorswift13 ❤️,” brothers Richard and Fred Fairbrass tweeted. “What a marvellous reinvention! #imtoosexy #lookwhatyoumademedo.”

And that’s not where the love stops. While “Look What You Made Me Do” was written by Swift and producer Jack Antonoff (yep, Lena Dunham’s boyfriend), Right Said Fred received a songwriting credit and a gorgeous bouquet with a note saying, “Look what you made us do… We love you and can’t wait to celebrate with you! Love, your co-writers, Taylor & Jack.” So thoughtful!

Right Said Fred took to their website to share a few more deets, writing, “We’re very pleased to hear Taylor Swift’s interpolation of our 1991 hit ‘I’m Too Sexy.’ Taylor and her team reached out to us about the track, we like what she does and we were very honored to have her interpolation feature on her new single ‘Look What You Made Me Do.’ Thanks to Taylor and her team for being absolutely wonderful. We’re very happy that our debut single will potentially be reaching new fans 26 years after its release.” 26 years?! Yowza!

Fred Fairbrass also spoke to People, saying it “was a bit weird” to have to keep the big news a secret. “I wasn’t allowed to tweet and I wasn’t allowed to do this and I wasn’t allowed to do that. There are lots of musicians we are working with and … we had to imply that there was something happening this summer [and] they were asking, ‘Who is it? Who is it?’ We couldn’t say who it was or what was happening, so that was a bit weird and frustrating.”

He admitted, “I am actually quite happy that it’s now in the open and we can get on with it.”

And while Right Said Fred didn’t know beforehand how Swift would be using their hit song, Fairbrass says that now that’s he’s heard the tune, “I am more than happy with it. She used the rhythm as much as anything. It’s flattering. When we recorded ‘Sexy’ I didn’t think it would last more than six months. So to be talking about it 26 years later and a star like Taylor using it and being influenced by it is really flattering. Absolutely flattering.”

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(Photos via Ralph Orlowski/Getty + Pascal Le Segretain/Getty)