10 Times Rihanna Seriously DGAF What You Thought About Her Style — And What It Taught Me
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10 Times Rihanna Seriously DGAF What You Thought About Her Style — And What It Taught Me

Rihanna. Badgalriri. Ms. Fenty. No matter what you call her, the fact is that Rihanna is everything. We love her not only because her music makes us sing loudly into our hairbrush microphones, but also because her style is always on point and her attitude is unapologetic. Rihanna Fenty lives an enviable life (I mean, she is currently maybe sort of kind of dating Drake), with a wardrobe that is as vast as the Grand Canyon. It is through her style that she has taught so many of us so much about life, love and confidence. The reality is — Rihanna DGAF. She is not here for your judgment. In fact, she is barely here for your opinion. She is here for one reason only and that is to slay. And in a way, that is how we all should be. Through her next-level fashion and out-there sartorial choices, Rihanna has shaped the way I get dressed in the a.m. and p.m.. Here are 10 things I learned from my girl, Ri.

1. Be colorful. My fashion palette is just a series of shades of black with some gray and white thrown in as a “pop of color,” but in Rihanna’s world, all hues are a go. There isn’t a hue she won’t wear — sometimes even all at once. She’s not afraid to be seen, and if that isn’t girl power, then I don’t know what is.

2. Never forget that fashion is fun. Feathers take real cojones to wear, but bright turquoise feathers with matching pants? That takes something stronger: brass monkeys. Rihanna loves clothes and experiments all the time, and we need to remember that fashion can be fun, frivolous and fantastical. (Photo via Neil Mockford/Getty)

3. Have short hair, really don’t care. When this good girl went bad, she did so by cutting off all of her hair. The new, liberated Rihanna was like the hot, mischievous twin of the family-friendly beach-waved RiRi that we first met during “Pon de Replay.” When she shed her locks, she helped a new generation of women feel liberated and beautiful with shorter hair. Who knew you could wear short strands in so many different ways?! (Photo via Chris Jackson/Getty)

4. Be unapologetic. There are so many fashion rules that dictate what to wear when, how and at what age. Ignore ’em. Wear what you want, when you want and how you want, just like Ms. Fenty. You wanna wear a green jumpsuit that doubles as a parachute at 20,000 feet? You do you. (Photo via Florian Seefried/Getty)

5. Feel free to theme out your look. Rihanna ain’t afraid to take it there with her style, as we know, but one tip we are definitely taking away is to theme out each look. According to Queen Ri, every outfit is an opportunity to curate your own individual sartorial story. (Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)

6. Embrace your inner tomboy. Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma just feels so right. While she can wear the heck out of a gown, sneakers and a hoodie look just as natural on her. Don’t be afraid of your inner tomboy. Let her out every once in awhile. (Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty)

7. Have your princess moment. The 2015 Grammys was a storybook moment for Rihanna. The belle of the ball ran down the red carpet just before the show started, like Cinderella trying to get home before the stroke of midnight. She wore an equally fairy-tale-worthy dress (this ginormous pink tulle Giambattista Valli couture gown), looking like a true Disney princess. Be like Rihanna. Embrace those moments. (Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)

8. Leave nothing to the imagination. The human body is a beautiful thing. All your natural curves have inspired fashion designers, painters and poets. Why shy away from your own gorgeous physique? Rihanna wouldn’t want you to. (Photo via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)

9. Take up ALL the space. As women, we’re sometimes asked to make our voice, style and general demeanor small in order to make other people appear big. Rihanna ain’t that woman. When Rihanna showed up at the 2015 Met Ball in Guo Pei Couture, she took up a lot of space, literally and figuratively. The robe-style gown had a massive train and the golden yellow made sure all eyes were on her. Nobody puts baby in a corner. (Photo via Larry Busacca/Getty)

10. Pierced and tattooed women are beautiful. We’ve seriously lost count of all of Rihanna’s tattoos and piercings, but what we do know is that she has made them feminine and totally red-carpet worthy. I mean, brides used to cover up their tattoos on their wedding days, but now women are proudly showing them off. (Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)

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