Ok ok, that may be a bit of an alarmist headline. Really, these fun photo-gadgets are making photographers’ lives easier. After all, all that clicking can be exhausting! Take a peek at these robo-photographers that’ll take all the work out of documenting your days.

1. The photoBot is a person detecting machine. It uses ultrasonic pulses to find the location of people in a room, and then snaps them. Imagine, all your party pics in the bag without ever having to step away from a conversation to pick up a camera! (photoBot photo by Claudine Quinn)

2. NAO is a super smart clickin’ robot. It’s programed to use both the Rule of Thirds and the Golden Ratio to mathematically figure out the best images to take and then shoots them. (photo via Aldebaran Robotics)

3. You may have already heard of the Autographer, a slick wearable camera that’ll document everything you do. The 5 on-board sensors and genius algorithm work together to make sure no part of your day is missed.

4. Memoto is another wearable camera. This one might be the most simple of them all, it just shoots every 30 seconds without fail. It doesn’t even have any buttons! Best of all, it’s on Kickstarter. If you’re interested, you still have some time to support their campaign and maybe even snag one of the first Memoto cameras for yourself.

What’s your take on the robo-photo-nomenon? For? Against? They’re taking over the world? Let us know what you think in comments!